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FC Dallas Stock Report - April 17

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When you sit on top of the league....the arrows are usually pointing in an upward direction

I hope everybody lets me rip one....
I hope everybody lets me rip one....


George John

Easily FC Dallas' most popular player right now, George John has been playing out of his mind recently. Save for a couple of blunders, he has been an absolute monster in front of the keeper. On Saturday night, George proved his aerial dominance does not only exist on defense, powering home a header that sent the fans into pandemonium. However, John has responded in a manner I really did not think he would. After being denied a clear celebration opportunity, George came back, finished the game, and even joked about the situation. He had a good postseason interview with NBCSN. Also, GJ earned a ton of respect in my book for not pressing charges and making a hilarious appearance on the Ticket. He held his own and even called out the radio hosts on their own show for their lack of soccer coverage. George John is turning into the star FCD fans were hoping for when he came back from his overseas loan. If he keeps this up, I would not be surprised if he gets called up to the USMNT for the Gold Cup. Good for John and good for FCD.

Raul Fernandez

He is the undisputed number one. Anybody want to argue with me on that one, or is everybody sold? Raul Fernandez is your typical South American keeper. He takes a lot of risks, but is an excellent shot stopper. With some maturation, he can be a good keeper here for many years to come. Communication needs work, but Raul is improving. The more games he gets under his belt, the better the chemistry will get between him and his back line. From the six games Raul has played, he has three shutouts. Sure, he bears direct responsibility for some of the goals scored on him this year, but I am getting more comfortable with him by the week. I don't think there are too many fans who are clamoring for Seitz anymore.

Andrew Jacobson

Is it just me, or has Jacobson looked much better in central midfield since Michel was inserted there? Because of Michel, Andrew's job is less about possession and more about breaking up attacks. Sure, Jacobson has contributed to the attack a lot, but his possession stats and charts are not as good as one would like them to be. Honestly, I do not care. In person on Saturday, I thought AJ was solid. He did not commit any boneheaded mistakes and brings an added element in the air on set pieces. Jacobson has two goals on the season, already more than all of last year. He is going back to the Jacobson we all fell in love with when he was acquired from the Union. He and Michel are playing well together in the center of the park. They are developing an understanding with one another and are covering for each other's flaws. If they continue to improve and iron out their mistakes, watch out MLS.

Eric Hassli

I will keep this one rather simple. When Hassli came in, I was so excited. When Hassli was not fit, I was very disappointed. I had kind of given up hope on Eric making an impact on this team and his appearance against LA did not help his cause until he got on the end of the Michel cross in the 88th minute. The rest, as you know, is history. Hassli was having a pretty rough game up until that point, but, with one swift flick of the head, he brought back the hope that he can still be a solid contributor to this team for the remainder of the season. He is saying all of the right things and putting in a lot of effort, If Kenny continues to struggle, don't be surprised if Schellas throws Hassli into the mixer again and tells him to prove his worth. On Saturday, that paid off. I tip my hat to you Eric. Job well done, sir.


Michel - Continues to dominate set pieces and assist totals keep on climbing.

Jair Benitez - Has not made any terrible blunders that I can recall.

Blas Perez - Sweet half-volley against Toronto.


Kenny Cooper

Look, when Kenny Cooper came back. I was salivating at the thought of a twenty goal season. So far, Blas Perez has outplayed Kenny. Sure, Kenny is playing out of position and maybe Schellas is asking too much of him. However, Coop just does not seem to have the confidence or killer instinct that we have grown accustomed to see from him. Let's face it, he has struggled on the wings. Maybe a move to a true 4-4-2 would help Kenny out? I do not know that answer. All I know is that for someone FCD is looking for to be the face of the franchise, he has not cut it. The penalty kick attempt against the Galaxy was lethargic to say the least. The only reason I am harsh on Cooper is because I know he is capable of better. What do you all think?

Food For Thought:

1. Are you satisfied with John's season so far?

2. Is Raul the undisputed number one yet?

3. Do you want to see Hassli start, or play the super-sub role?

FINALLY, please answer the poll question.