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FC Dallas Injury Report: Week 7

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George John all clear on the latest injury report.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The concussion scare with FC Dallas defender George John is at least for now over. The club's media relations department forwarded over to me the latest injury report and the veteran defender wasn't even on it.

John has been training all week but has been kept out of some head contact drills just as a precaution.

In fact, there is really only one starter at the moment on the list in left back Jair Benitez.

IR - U. Ihemelu (D) concussion; P. Luccin (M) torn right ACL.
OUT - W. Zimmerman (D) groin injury; S. Keel (D) left quad strain.
DOUBTFUL - Ramon Nunez (M) ACL surgery recovery.
PROBABLE - Jair Benitez (D) left hamstring strain.

More than likely Benitez will be fine for the LA Galaxy game on Saturday but it is an item worth pointing out here as in late game situations lately he has been shaky due to that hamstring strain. Against Toronto last week, you could easily see Benitez hobbling around some. Something that FC Dallas fans should be taking with a bit of caution here.

It is also positive seeing Nunez back with the club and seeing that he is coming around more and more, I'm being told we're getting closer to seeing him in reserve games. That's great news for the depth of this club's midfield.

For those curious about Zimmerman, I was also told earlier in the week that he has been starting to take part in some training sessions.

Keel on the other hand appears to be at least a week away from resuming training here. Disappointing news for the FC Dallas newcomer.