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Andrew Jacobson Calls Into SiriusXM FC

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FC Dallas got some well-earned love on the airwaves this afternoon as Counter Attack had Andrew Jacobson call in to talk MLS.

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Wednesday afternoon, Toros midfielder Andrew Jacobson called into SiriusXM FC and participated in an interview with John Harkes and J.P. Dellacamera.

After being congratulated for FC Dallas' great start to the season and on his goal against Toronto FC, he was asked to explain what happened with the Reds' comeback.

This is what he had to say:

"It's a tough place to play, credit them, they definitely changed things in the second half. They came out with a lot of energy, all of the subs that they brought in did really well.

I think we did well enough with the ball and we had good possessions, but you know, just at the end we kind of went into a shell and I don't think we're very good when we go into a shell."

On the changing roles he's held in his career and where he stands now, he said:

"I'm really comfortable with the system, I really know what's expected of me and I know what's expected of the team. I just think I have a really good understand of what my role is on this team."

J.P. then asked what are some of the reasons behind Dallas becoming a "surprise" team, and how that led to them leading the Western Conference:

"I think we have a lot of balance to the team. We have great defenders, and we can stop a lot of pressure. On the other side we have some very gifted attackers.

We can kinda hurt you in many different ways you know? So I think there's a real sense of balance as we're gaining our rythym throughout 90 minutes, everything's gonna be okay and we can choose our spots to go forward and when to score."

They asked him about his current role in his team, whether he's offensively or defensively minded, and he revealed the ways he and Michel work off each other.

"Probably a little bit of both, I like to think of myself as a two way player. I'm fortunate to play next to Michel who is an extremely good player. I think the two of us, tactically, we give what the game needs. If we're in a situation where we might have a team on the ropes, we might go for the jugular a little bit and start pressing a little bit, but if they're pressing on us then it might be time for the two of us to get back.

It's not necessarily a defined role for a 90 minutes but it's our job to manage the game."

The next question focused on the newfound sense of balance in the team, where David Ferreira is no longer relied on to accomplish everything on the field.

"Yeah, there's gonna be games where it's going to be locked and he changes the game. That's the kind of game he plays and that's the kind of player he is.

Sometimes last year if people figured out a way to take him out of the game, we would find it very difficult to score. I think now that if teams try to do that now they figure out pretty early on that we have other ways to hurt them. That gives him space and some freedom and allows other guys to really step up"

After some questions about how the LA Galaxy will be dealt with, they asked him about how Kenny Cooper has reacclimated to Dallas.

It's been fantastic, everybody's embraced him, everybody loves him, the city loves him. He's great in the locker room and is a great player obviously. He just feels really comfortable here. He went to high school here, his family lives here. It's just a great fit, a situation where it works for all parties so we're really happy to have him and I think he's added a lot to this team.

The last question was on whether or not the loss to Chivas USA was a wake-up call for the team.

Yeah, I think obviously you always want to win every game, but it's almost like it was a good thing. We kind of had to look at ourselves in the mirror. We had to go back and look at what we were doing right and what we were doing wrong, and we emerged from that a much better team, a much more organized and disciplined team.

In that game, we were really stretched out, triyng to make things happen and that's really not who we are.

The Q&A session ended there, and it was a pretty good listen for the few FC Dallas fans that subscribe to Sirius XM. Andrew was a solid interview, especially compared to some of the "umm..." and "uhh..." players that sometimes get called in to talk to the show.

You can listen to the interview in its entirety here.

What did you think of his answers?