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Raul Fernandez Up for Save of the Week

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Peruvian paragon pounces on potshot, pulls plaudits from pundits.


Debbie Downers will tell you that Raul Fernandez was responsible for a lack of communication that led to the first goal for Toronto. Coming off the line in a rush without yelling clearly enough (or at all) at his defenders created confusion, disorganization and ultimately allowed Toronto to pounce on the error.

More positive people will tell you his performance is the only thing that held Toronto to a draw. Near the end of the game, the Reds discovered that they could actually play soccer and mounted a furious comeback. Fernandez came up big with four great saves during the game, but none more important than the desperate lunge he made at the 88th minute to deny Darren O'Dea a golden scoring opportunity.

His is the first highlight in the reel, so there's no excuse not to click.

If his reflexes were but a second slower that ball goes in the net and Dallas would have had to hold on for dear life as TFC continued their barrage. With six minutes including stoppage time left to play, no one can say for certain that a draw would have been the outcome. Given the run of play at the time, seeing Toronto notch a desperate, last-gasp winner would not have been out of the question.

For fans bitter that Darel Russell's goal is sure to win goal of the week, this would be a nice way to repay those Canadians.

Go vote on the MLS website! The link is right there in bold letters. On the left, see it? No excuses will suffice, it's your civic duty to ensure the Canadians do not win.