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Talking FCD with Dan Hunt: Part 2

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The second part of our chat talking about stadium improvements, his place in the organization and more

Not Dan Hunt
Not Dan Hunt
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For context of this piece, please read my profile of Hunt Sports Group and new FCD employee Dan Hunt. Dan was kind enough to grant me a full sit down interview last Friday before the MLS First Kick win over Colorado, where we discussed a number of topics relating to the team and where he sees the direction of things. There was a ton of good stuff that didn't make the article so I wanted to include some of the interview below touching on some major topics. Be sure to let us know what you think about things in the comments below

Part 1

Is Schellas a coach that can be here long term or is it going to be the near future where you need to start grooming another coach?

Schellas has done a great job here getting to the championship, coach of the year, getting us to the playoffs. Last year was extremely stressful and I’ve known Schellas since I was seven, my brother played for him, he recruited me to SMU. We’ve had a great relationship with him and we’ll address it when the time is right for him and see where we are as an organization and see where he is. He’s been coaching for a lifetime and sometimes coaches want to enjoy themselves and sometimes they want to keep going. When that time is right we’ll all sit down and the nice this is we have a great personal relationship so we can figure out what’s right for everybody.

It’s got to be personally exciting to you that he’s close to becoming the longest tenured coach in this franchise history…

It’s great. It tells you that we did something right on that because you want every successive coach to be the longest tenured coach right? I skip over to our football team and we’ve had some turnover at the coaching there and that’s not ok. That’s a struggle because then you start over, I’ll put my football hat on for two seconds and say I’m excited for Andy Reid, what a fine person he is. Back to FC Dallas and coach is within a half season of becoming the longest tenured guy here and that means we made a good choice. I hope he sails past that record because that means things are going really well.

Talking about a roof, is that realistically something that can happen in the next couple years?

We talk about player sales and some of the initiative is to spend the money back within the organization not for you just to pocket. I would love for this to happen. I’ve already made the pitch to my family and they’ve said let’s see where we come out on player transfers, but I want to constantly improve the stadium. My father did such a good job at taking care of our stadiums. This stadium still looks like it’s brand new, it really does. I would like to add a roof structure to some part of the stadium and I’ve made the pitch for our fans to my family and they’ve said we will consider it as we look at transfers and how we do revenue wise.

Obviously Doug Quinn did some great things for this team ,where do you think he will be missed most within the organization?

Doug was very good at selling sponsorship. He had a long history of that. He was talented and I’ve tried to step in there. Matt McInnis and I have had some wins on the sponsorship and Doug was very good at that. Structurally he was very good, he had a very disciplined plan. Probably his greatest legacy is the directors he put in every spot. It is a quality group and I’m just excited and honored to work with them.

Where do you feel like you can best fit in with this organization in his absence?

We’ve made the announcement that we’re going to hire a president and hopefully that person will come in with some sponsorship knowledge and some industry knowledge. Organizationally they can deal with some of the minutiae of running the organization. My family has asked me to stay on which I’m really excited about. It’s to be determined what that job title will be called, but they’ve asked me to focus on three areas: Helping with sponsorship, helping with tickets and managing all players within the system here. They’ve said they would like me to focus on these three areas when we bring a president in.

I’ve thought long and hard about how to best run this organization and that’s probably how my time is best spent working in those areas. I think it’s going to be a perfect situation and I can honestly say this has been the best 100 days of my working life. I graduated at SMU and went to New York to work and I’ve worked for the family, but this is literally the best 100 days of my working life. I’ll be here every day and I’ll be able to sit in meetings and create revenue opportunities for us to get to those sellout games where I want to be. I want to make sure that this roster is as talented as possible and I’ll help be the gatekeeper with Fernando, Luiz [Muzzi] and coach with what goes on here. This competition committee that we have has really improved our process and it’s really been a great forum. There’s checks and balances in the system and I think it’s going to ensure that we’re going to put a quality product on the field for a long time.