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Changes Coming to Lamar Hunt US Open Cup

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Further Changes Announced to Tournament, Building on Last Year

Ronald Martinez

Last year saw some major changes to the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup and in 2013, they've extended those even further.

Highlights of the new changes include:

-Prize money for the champion upped to $250,000 from $100,000

-All hosts will be determined by coin flip through the championship game (previously it was until the semifinals).

-And the schedule has been changed up a bit (FCD will join the USOC in round 3 on May 28)

First Round
Number of Games: 18
Date: May 14
Two winners from Play-In Round join remaining 30 Adult Council category teams and four USL PRO teams (Dayton Dutch Lions, Pittsburgh Riverhounds and expansion sides Phoenix FC Wolves and VSI Tampa Bay FC).

Second Round
Number of Games: 16
Date: May 21
Eighteen (18) winners from First Round join remaining eight USL PRO clubs and six NASL teams.

Third Round
Number of Games: 16
Date: May 28
Sixteen (16) winners from Second Round are paired against 16 MLS sides.

Fourth Round
Number of Games: 8
Date: June 12
Sixteen (16) winners from Third Round face each other.

Date: June 26
Fourth Round winners face each other.

Date: Aug. 7 or 21
Quarterfinal winners face each other.

Date: Oct. 1 or 2