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Team Chemistry Coming Up Big For FC Dallas

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With 12 points in March, team chemistry is at an all-time high for FC Dallas.

Jared Wickerham

The resounding theme after Saturday's 1-0 win over the New England Revolution for FC Dallas was how well the team is doing as a collective unit. Players are setting one another up in each game and the team chemistry is likely at it's highest point since the club reached the MLS Cup back in 2010.

Saturday's win over New England is likely a game this club wouldn't have won in 2012 either. FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman told reporters following the game that the team is working well with one another and the team is doing a good job together early on this season.

"A big part is that the team really enjoys each other," Hyndman told reporters following the game. "You never know how important team chemistry is until you lose it."

Naturally, the happy mood of the club after the game wouldn't have been there had Blas Perez not scored the late game-winner in the 87th minute.

"Obviously it is a good start [to the season]," said midfielder Andrew Jacobson. "You want to collect as many points as possible. We are doing it in the right manner. It is not just collecting points. We are playing well. We are very organized. We are playing to our strengths and we are really working on progressing every week."

The team is fighting for one another and setting themselves up for a good season here with 12 points after five games. With each passing game you are seeing players hustle a little more, chase balls down and feel confident to try shots that they might not otherwise had done in 2012.

"We struggled with that the last year and a half," said Hyndman. "This year, the guys are really playing for each other. They're working for each other. They are following directions. They are having great training sessions."

This is the best start to a season for Hyndman, snagging 12 points in the first month of the season. Having a healthy squad is one thing but having a team that is clicking this early is something he has lacked during his tenure as manager with this club.

"This is a real group here, said Jacobson. "We've got everyone pulling for each other. Everyone is excited. Everyone is backing each other up. It is a good feeling. Obviously when you are winning, everything seems easy. We believed in ourselves from the beginning. It is starting to show, but we still have a lot of work to do. We feel good going forward."