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News Update 3/19 FCD Heads To The Great White North And Will See A Familiar Face

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FCD heads up north for their 2nd road game this season, Hyndman's grandson impresses at Dallas Cup, and Robbie Rogers sits down for his first interview since coming out.

Get your Toja wigs ready.
Get your Toja wigs ready.

Howdy folks! FC Dallas sit atop the Western Conference and all seems right with the world.

FC Dallas

The Hoops head to Massachusetts on Saturday to take on the New England Revolution and will be looking for a better result than their last away game.

The talk about the goalkeeper situation has been a fairly hot topic and Todd Date over at writes that Schellas Hyndman has announced that Chris Seitz will be between the posts on Saturday.

"I think Raul gets back the day of the game, but you never know what’s going to happen. There could be a flight delay. There could be an injury. There could be fatigue. I think we’re thinking Seitz will be the man to step in there, yeah," Hyndman said.

This shouldn't be taken as an indicator of who the preferred #1 will be but rather an example of what we've all known. Games such as this (due to Fernandez's national team commitment) are the reason that FCD has two starting quality keepers on the roster. I expect mothing but a solid performance out of Seitz. Of course if Chris has another good game it's sure to just put fuel on the fire of the conversation that's been going on about who should be our starting keeper.

Just because FC Dallas is playing on the road doesn't mean you can't have a good time with your FCD family! The official watch party will be at The Staggering Irishman in Dallas off of the Tollway and Preston and the game starts at 3pm. Get there early to make sure you get a good seat.

The Young 'uns

The FC Dallas Academy U18 team just completed a trip to Guadalajara, Mexico and took 3 wins out of 4 games against first and second division Mexican teams. Via

"Ultimately, in viewing the Guadalajara trip as a whole, it was a successful experience for the team," said FC Dallas Youth Academy coach Luchi Gonzalez. "The competition and the level of play was high. The hospitality of the host clubs was excellent. Our boys were professional throughout, on and off the field. We will certainly learn and grow from these games, while looking to continue to develop as a team for the remainder of our season."

New Homegrown signing Jesse Gonzalez played in three of the four games and had a shut out in the first game of the week. FC Dallas continues to show why they have one of the top Academy's in all of MLS. Great job guys.

Make sure to keep checking back to to see Scott Brown's daily recaps on the goings on of the 34th annual Dallas Cup. Thursday Scott brought us the latest update on all Dallas area teams competing in the Dallas Cup.

All 13 FC Dallas teams participating in Dallas Cup played their final group stage matches yesterday, posting a collective record of 4-6-3. Three teams were able to advance beyond the group stage and into the knockout rounds of the tournament.

If Dallas Cup is your thing then make sure to keep an eye out for all of Scott's and our own Daniel Robertson's extensive DC34 coverage.

One youngster with FC Dallas ties has been making a name for himself at this years Dallas Cup. Unfortunately he's not in our Academy system but grandson of FCD coach Schellas Hydman, Emerson Hyndman, has been shining since his move a few years ago to England to play for Fulham FC's U-18 team. 3rd Degree's Peter Welpton had a chance to speak with the young Hyndman about his time in England and also spoke with his coaches about the improvements the youngster has been making.

The 5-8, 16-year-old grandson of FC Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman, Emerson is one of the most technically gifted players in Fulham’s academy.

"People will look at his diminutive stature and think, ‘How can this guy play in England?’" Fulham academy director Huw Jennings said. "For me, he represents the embodiment of what we see as a talented midfield player of the future."

Hopefully we'll be seeing Emerson on the Senior team at some point in his career and dare I saw the MNT? He's definitely a youngster to keep an eye on.

Know Thine Enemy

The New England Revolution come into the game on Saturday with a 1-1-1 record this season and have managed to only score one goal from those three games. With Saer Sene still out due to an ACL injury and Honduran national Jerry Bengtson missing games this year the Revs have been light on the attack so far.

Jeff Lemieux at thinks that the Revs will be tested by FC Dallas' strong and balanced attack.

What the Revs want to do well is possess the ball from back to front, keep the opponent under pressure and show a killer instinct in front of goal. Glimpses of that style have been visible early this season, but the end product hasn’t been sharp enough as the Revs have produced just one goal.

That won’t stop the Revs from trying to dictate the tempo against FC Dallas, however, as the best way to limit FCD’s dynamic attack is by keeping the ball off their feet.

Have no doubt that despite the slow start for the Revolution Jay Heaps will have his team prepped and ready for us come Saturday.

One of the weapons that New England hopes will get them back on track is a familiar face to FC Dallas fans. Juan Toja will make his first start against his old team for the first time since returning to MLS at the end of last year. Todd Date spoke with coach Hyndman about his short time with Toja and why he thinks Juan is more dangerous than ever.

"I didn’t have Toja that long when I came in. His ambitions were to go to Europe, play in Champions League and compete in UEFA and those types of things. He let it be known to everyone that’s what he wanted. It was my first year on the job and it was hard for me to understand how a player could be so self-driven for his own personal desires," Hyndman said. "So for us, it was probably the right time to part with him because that’s what he wanted and if you don’t have a player committed to your team, it’s going to be hard. So I don’t know if I saw his best."

"What I did see was a very skillful player, a young player that had tremendous tricks, could do a lot of things and probably one of the better players on the team. So in that way, it was difficult to lose him," Hyndman said.

I was always a fan of Toja when he played here but it was a bitter sweet break up when he left. It will be interesting to see a more mature Juan Toja and what he has to offer to the Revs to reinvigorate their attack.

Head over to to see their (really good) breakdown of this weekends match up.


The US-Mexico game this past Tuesday set an all time viewing record for World Cup qualifiers on any ESPN network. Via

The game Tuesday night was watched by 2.385 million people on ESPN. The company said Wednesday that the previous high was 1.191 million viewers for a 2009 U.S.-Mexico match on ESPN2.

It was a great game and a much deserved (and badly needed) point for the United States who will play their next WC Qualifier in Kingston, Jamaica on June 7th. Their next friendly will be against Belgium on May 29th in Cleveland. Ohio.'s Avi Creditor has the story of Bolton Wanderers announcement that USMNT midfielder Stuart Holden is being sent on a month long lone to Sheffield Wednesday in order to get more playing time as Holden continues his comeback from a year long rehab from injury.

Bolton loaned the American midfielder to Sheffield Wednesday until April 24 on Thursday, providing him with the opportunity to receive more playing time as the 2012-13 campaign winds down.

Instead of helping Bolton try to seal a place in the Championship promotion playoff over the next month, he'll attempt to keep Sheffield Wednesday in the second-tier league, with the club hovering over the relegation zone, a point clear of safety.

This really is a good thing for Holden as he's trying to get back into a regular playing rhythm which he hasn't been able to do with Bolton. It's nice to see him back on the field and we can only hope he gets back up to form and is able to help the US on their way to Rio '14.

Former USMNT player Robbie Rogers sat down with Donald McRae from The Guardian for his first interview since his announcement that he was gay and was stepping away from the game of soccer for the foreseeable future.

Rogers, from a close-knit conservative Christian family in America, has kept the world at a safe distance since coming out. He has been besieged with large offers of money for interviews and contracts, as well as moving emails from thousands of people who have thanked him or asked how they might uncover the truth about themselves. Rogers has turned down every money-man; but he has written to some ordinary people. Today marks a big step forward for himself and, as he says, "people like me."

It's a great read and well worth the time.

Well that's all from me for today. As always thanks so much for taking the time to visit our little corner of the inter-web. I hope to see you all out at The Staggering Irishman on Saturday.