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Around MLS: Jermaine Jones Coming Stateside?

Landon Donovan is back training with the Galaxy, Frank Klopas is under pressure, and Philly helps one of its own.

Chip Somodevilla

The latest reports coming out of Germany regarding Jermaine Jones has rumormongers in a tizzy. With Jones' deal with his current club (Shalke 04) ending soon, MLS fans have taken to twitter to voice their desire at having Jones on their team, no matter the cost.

With the American international gaining a much higher profile in recent years, it's time to consider him a lock for DP money here, as the money in Europe for even middling players is large. What team can afford to pay him his sure-to-be DP salary that would gain enough benefit from a cost-efficiency standpoint? FC Dallas doesn't have a great deal of cap room to work with and BrekBucks don't last forever. The teams in the lottery that have the best chance of grabbing him, should his move ever come to pass, are Toronto FC, the Portland Timbers and the New England Revolution.

My guess would be on him not coming at all, both because of the money involved and because of the drop in reputation MLS has compared to any other European league in the big countries. Otherwise Toronto, if they can afford it.

Landon Donovan is back to training with the LA Galaxy and during a meeting with reporters he mentioned a strong desire to earn his spot back on the US Men's National Team. With his extended, self-imposed absence leaving a bitter taste in many fans' mouths, Donovan is saying all the right things about his form, training regimen, and desire to get back in the saddle. It might be simple diplomacy on his part, but if the fire is really there to prove himself, the Galaxy might terrorize down the flanks yet again this year.

The Philadelphia Union website has a great story about the Philly soccer community coming together to help fellow fan Mike McKinney. With a diagnosed cancerous brain tumor giving him serious issues and lacking the money to pay for his treatment, his friends got together and raised enough money to help him get started. As someone who was recently hospitalized with an illness that baffled doctors, I can't even imagine what it's like to have so many people get together to pay for your treatment. Go read the story and feel a little bit better about humanity, and Philly fans in general.

Frank Klopas is under enormous pressure, and nothing short of a complete 180 turnaround might save his job with the Chicago Fire. Klopas' reign since taking over for Carlos de los Cobos in 2011 has seen him amass a sad winning percentage, currently sitting in the low 40's. Toyota Park is not a particularly difficult place to play in under him either, as Chivas recently showed by pulling down the Fire's pants in front of their own fans. With only a draw away at Sporting Kansas City (not an easy feat mind you) to show for his first four games, including an ugly home loss to New England, Mr. Klopas' efforts to save his job might prove futile.

Throughout his tenure, the Fire have perenially looked like a team on the cusp, yet never managing to follow up success with more success. Fans of the team are calling for change, and whether it's completely his fault or not, Klopas is the man with the target on his back.

Food For Thought:

  1. What club would most benefit from Jermaine Jones' presence? Dallas surely can't afford him, with with DP slots involved.
  2. Do you believe Landon's desire to return to form and play for the USMNT? Or is this another short-lived moment?
  3. What head coach would best suit the Fire? I don't think Klopas sees the season out, so someone will need to step in.