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Quote Sheet: Comments Following FC Dallas' 2-0 Win Over RSL

FC Dallas stays unbeaten at home on the season and extends RSL's winless run in the State of Texas.


Lots of comments from this one. FC Dallas downed Real Salt Lake 2-0 Saturday evening, thanks to goals from Fabian Castillo and Jackson. Here is what everyone had to say about the shutout.

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman
Thoughts on the game...

It was a good game. I think the players might have been a little bit flat coming out, and we were concerned about that before the game started. I had a strong talk with them that they needed to be ready to go because we knew Salt Lake would be. If you think back to the first half, the whole game was on our left side with Fabian and Jair, and that was by (RSL's) design. We couldn't get them to get the ball out of the left side, (which is) their stronger side, and they were beating us in the center midfield with an extra player in that diamond midfield. They didn't create a lot of chances in that first half, which was a little surprising because they did a good job in the middle of the field. We did create a couple of chances. Fabian (Castillo) did very well getting to the baseline and dropping a ball to David (Ferreira). He dropped another ball to Kenny (Cooper), and another ball to Jackson who gave it to Zach (Loyd), who was overlapping and found Kenny in the middle, but they had a man in the goal save it. So, (there were) really good chances in the first half that we didn't capitalize on and sometimes you can get really frustrated when you go into halftime (without a goal). I think we were able to keep their energy up and keep their focus up. Then (Lovel) Palmer, who plays right side fullback, was marking Fabian and the one time Fabian got by him cleanly and hit the shot, it was a rocket. The keeper (Josh Saunders) did a great job throughout the game, but he had the bad touch that gave Jackson the chance to put in the second goal. Then they came with everything they had. They were down a man and they came with everything they had, but we were able to hold on for a shutout. It was a good game by our players. They moved the ball very well, did the things we've been working on in training and created scoring chances. Plus it was a shutout for Chris Seitz.

On Fabian Castillo's performance...

Fabian, as we all know, is a very, very talented player, a very talented athlete. Sometimes he goes so fast his brain isn't able to keep up with him and that's normal. If you've ever ridden a bike down a hill when you're a kid, and you're going too fast, it's kind of scary, isn't it? So, I think what we've really done is given him a chance to mature more and more. We're spending a lot of time with him on videos and we're spending a lot of time with him in training on individual things that he does more and more often. But, I think when you see a goal like that today, that's on a highlight film.

On Michel and Andrew Jacobson in the midfield together...

I think that they have been able to distribute a lot of balls out of the midfield. I think they both have good passing ability. They both can hit long range shots and are both strong in the air. Defensively, there's still that coordination we need to develop between the two. Sometimes, they get a little too flat and today (Luis) Gil continued to slide behind them and was running at the defenders. We tried to fix that at halftime and it's going to take them a little bit more time in training. On the positive side, I think they've done extremely well. When we match up with teams that play with two midfielders, I think you'll see how much better they're becoming.

On RSL's speed up front...

With (Robbie) Findley and (Joao) Plata, they're both extremely quick. Plata worked extremely, extremely hard all game. He was running down balls everyone knew the goalie was going to end up getting, and he was still running them down. At the same time, so was Jackson. Their speed concerned us, but both George (John)and Matt (Hedges) did well. The thing we said to them today was don't get caught flat. The first time Findley ran forward, he ran offside because they stepped up on him, and I was a little bit nervous and I told them be careful because they're going to have too much speed for us, so I thought they adjusted really quite well.

On Jackson's performance...

I hope you see what I see in Jackson... a much more mature player, a much more focused player and a much happier player. I think you put all those things together (and) you start to see the Jackson that we always remember in those good moments in the past, only those good moments didn't occur all the time. I think what you're starting to see is those good moments are occurring more often and that a lot of it has to do with his maturity, but also the club has done a fantastic job with him making him feel comfortable, making his wife feel comfortable. He just seems again to walk with a smile on his face (more often now).

On Chris Seitz getting a shutout...

I think it's fantastic. Many of you will remember how tight this fight has been between Seitz and Raul (Fernandez). He gets a shutout tonight, fantastic way to start. Raul got a shutout last night playing for Peru against Chile for the World Cup Qualifier. We've got two very good keepers.

FC Dallas goalkeeper Chris Seitz

On getting the shutout...

It was good. I think the whole backline together worked really well. The big thing for us last week and from the week before is we always want to continue to improve and I think you saw it tonight where the backline worked really, really well together. They really limited (Real Salt Lake's) chances and it worked out great for us. I think for us it was a good performance as a team. You saw our front line pressing really, really high, putting the keeper under pressure. You saw our midfielders working to track back. You saw our defenders making saves off the line, so it was a complete group effort. I give the backline a lot of credit because from week in to week out they continue to improve and get better.

On getting three points...

It's huge. Obviously with a lot of international absences, you want to get as many points as you can as early as possible, so that way we can be smart down the road. For us now to get these three points, to grind out these results that maybe in the past we might have tied, is great and just shows how much we're working, how hard we're working and how much we're improving from week one to week two and so on.

FC Dallas defender George John

On Real Salt Lake's speed up front...

It's something we were ready for. It's no secret that both of those guys are really fast. Plata is really quick. Findley is a very good forward. It's something we trained for, something we prepared for, and I thought Hedges and I, two big guys, dealt with it well.

On Luis Gil...

He's a very good player, a talented attacking mid. He did provide pressure, but I thought we did a good job to get a shutout. Obviously Hedges came up huge with that clearance at the end of the game.

On the goal line clearance by Hedges...

It changes the whole game. If they score there, it's 1-1 and we're back to a tied game and we're trying to get three points at the end of it. But, he saves it off the line, luckily the ensuing corner kick goes off the crossbar, and it's kind of hectic for a second and then Jackson comes up huge and gets a second goal.

Real Salt Lake Head Coach Jason Kreis

On the difficulty of playing without his first 11 due to National Team call-ups...

We absolutely we miss those guys. But, I have to say, I'm impressed with how well the rest of the guys did. I thought Lovel [Palmer], Cole [Grossman] and Josh Saunders all had solid games. We made a lot of shifts and I thought the team took it quite well. I'm really happy about the effort. I'm disappointed in the result but I am pretty pleased with the guys' fight tonight.

Do you think you guys dodged some bullets in the first half and fortunate to have come out unscathed?

Absolutely, absolutely fortunate in the first half to not give up any goals. We didn't let anything up in the first half and in the second half we gave up the goal. Then the game changes, and we immediately find a scoring opportunity. Chris Seitz did a fantastic job to save that [chance in the 77th minute]. Then [Matt Hedges] was able to deflect that chance from Devon [Sandoval]. If we score that goal, maybe it was a different game.

On playing against FC Dallas...

First and foremost, it's really important to make them defend. If you allow them to go at you all night, you are going to be struggling. We all noticed that they come at you extremely quickly. I didn't think we were good enough with the ball in their half of the field. We stretched ourselves out at times, just playing too high with our forwards and giving too much space in the midfield.

Real Salt Lake goalkeeper Josh Saunders

Can you describe the change in the final 20?

Just quality for me a little bit... I feel like I didn't put my best effort out there towards the end of the game. You have to stand up to what quality you can give, and I got beat high on the first goal, and then the second one was just such a lapse in pace to get the ball out of the box, and I take responsibility for that.

What happened on the second one?

I just took a bad touch and didn't make the correct decision to clear it out.

Talk about playing with kind of a depleted lineup tonight and how you guys were able to handle it...

Yeah, you know depleted or not, we're still out there, we are here to do a job and whoever you put on the field you expect them to do enough. We kept it scoreless for so long and we created some good chances to maybe get a goal, even hit the crossbar. Their goalkeeper made a good save, and then their defender cleared the ball off the line. So, the game could have shifted at that point, but it didn't and the ball did not bounce our way today.

Real Salt Lake forward Devon Sandoval

On Matt Hedges' goal-saving clearance in the 77th minute...

Robbie [Findley] had an awesome individual play, made a really good effort and [Chris Seitz] made a save. I was following up the play and I saw an open net. I tried tucking it away and then I saw [Matt Hedges] coming in and blocking it. I couldn't believe it. I thought I had it. I just need to learn from that and move on. You need to have a short memory as a forward and put the next one away.

What could you learn from that? Do you feel like you played it wrong?

I could have tucked it away better, I guess. I could've been more aware of my surroundings and the defender. Maybe I could have done something else completely.

There was a lot of pressure during that point in the game, did you feel like the team was going to get a goal?

Yeah, if I would have put that one away, it would have been a different game. We could've easily won that game with the sway of momentum that comes with scoring a goal like that. I didn't, and then, we ended up going down a man, and they scored again. That's pretty much it.