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News Update 3/22 FCD look to stay top of the Western Conference table

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Real Salt Lake, Costa Rica, and a chicken......

My favorite club protest ever.
My favorite club protest ever.
Laurence Griffiths

Welcome back Hoops nation! The boys take on Real Salt Lake tomorrow, the USA take on Costa Rica tonight, and if watching international soccer is your thing then you have a busy weekend.

FC Dallas

Well as Big D reported yesterday the club announced the signings of Ramon Nunez (no surprise there) and Homegrown GK Jesse Gonzalez. Gonzalez becomes the teams 10th (most by any MLS side) Homegrown contract player. While we may have the record for most HG signings, none of those signings have seen any type of significant playing time with the first team.......ever.

The return of Nunez is an exciting thing for Dallas as he will bring some much needed midfield depth to the squad. Even though he's still several weeks away from being fit I expect for Nunez to play a big part for this team, whether it's in the starting 11 (probably not) or as a super sub off of the bench.

Speaking of Nunez's recovery, our own (until April at least) Daniel Robertson tweeted this out today.

A good sign for sure and he'll hopefully be 100% for the summer.

Daniel also has a piece up for asking the question of whether Michel may be the perfect partner for AJ in the midfield or not.

Michel impressed in the Texas Derby, playing 73 minutes in the midfield before moving to left back late in the match. While the Brazilian struggled early, he very much found his feet as the game went on, showing cohesion with Jacobson that would’ve never tipped off the fact that it was their first game together.

I was certainly impressed with his showing (even with a couple of boneheaded moves) and to me his biggest contribution was his beautiful long ball service. With more playing time at the position he should only improve from here. I'm interested to hear what you guys thought of Michel's performance on Sunday and whether you think he should remain in that position. Let us know in the comment section below.

FC Dallas may be adding more depth at D mid as Franck Songo'o was in Frisco this week so that the coaching staff could take a look at possibly signing him. Todd Date at 3rd Degree has the write up.

"We’re still trying to make decisions. Very good player, did well when he was in here. What we have to do is decide if it’s what we need," Hyndman said.

The Dallas gaffer went on to say that they’d like to decide whether or not to sign Songo’o within the next few weeks.

The only thing I would worry about with Songo'o is the $$$ he will want. Although I guess when you don't have a contract with anybody you should maybe take what you're offered. The depth would certainly be great at D mid (because Watson has not been very good at all) and Songo'o is a proven player in MLS. We'll certainly keep you apprised of anything potentially happening with Franck and the team.

We've all seen it by now. Former captain Daniel Hernandez has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against FC Dallas in a Dallas County court. has the court filing here.

"Daniel only wants them to live up to promises they made," Dave Wishnew, Hernandez’s attorney, told SBI. "FC Dallas improperly terminated his coaching contract in order to avoid paying him two years of his slary.

"We tried handling it without ltigiation, but they forced Daniel to seek a lawsuit to receive what is rightfully his," Wishnew added. "He loved his time with FC Dallas and the community. He wanted to retire with some dignity and fulfull his commitment as a coach and he wasn’t given that opportunity."

Yesterday 3rd Degree's Buzz Carrick found out some interesting information that apparently Daniel Hernandez wasn't aware of.

While trying to dig up the petition by Daniel Hernandez’s lawyers yesterday, we stumbled across another document. This one was filed in Colin County courts on February 1, 2013.

Surprisingly, it was filed by FC Dallas against Hernandez.

It seems the team have been expecting a lawsuit from Hernandez for a little while now. I'm no lawyer so I couldn't tell you who has the better chance of winning but either way it's a sad end to a relationship that helped to take us to our only MLS Cup final. Stayed tuned......

FC Dallas welcomes Real Salt Lake into the FC Stadium tomorrow night and if you haven't gotten tickets head over HERE and grab a few! I hope to see you out there supporting the Hoops.

Know Thine Enemy

Both FC Dallas and RSL will have 4 players out Saturday on national team duties, however RSL are definitely taking the bigger hit with arguably their 3 best players out in Beckerman, Rimando, and Soborio. Let's hope FCD can take full advantage of the holes in the RSL team.

SB Nation's Real Salt Lake blog RSL Soapbox has a piece up by Matt Montgomery about the last time these two teams met back in August at RioT.

After equalizing fairly late in the match, Real Salt Lake had their hearts ripped out, stomped on and fed to rabid dogs when FC Dallas scored on a 94th minute breakaway in a five-minute-stoppage match at Rio Tinto Stadium.

DF10's goal was one of the best goals of last year and was the start of our run towards the playoffs.

US National Teams

As we all know the USMNT plays Costa Rica in Denver tonight at 9 CT on ESPN. If you can you should make it out to either the AO Dallas watching party at The Staggering Irishman or the AO Fort Worth get together at Abbey Pub and watch with fellow Los Gringos fans.

The US announced yesterday the venues to host the final 4 home games of the US WC qualifying effort. (via AP)

The United States will play its fourth straight home World Cup qualifier against Mexico at Columbus, Ohio, and will host Germany in an exhibition game at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C.

The United States Soccer Federation announced the sites of remaining home qualifiers on Thursday, saying the team will host Panama at Seattle on June 11; Honduras at Sandy, Utah, on June 18; Mexico at Columbus on Sept. 10; and Jamaica at Kansas City, Kan., on Oct. 11.

Is it just me or does it seem the US have made sure they play in the whitest possible places in the US for their home games?

The FIFA Women's World Rankings are out and the United States have now been #1 in the world for 5 (!!!) years.

At the top of the table, Olympic champions USA have managed to widen their lead over arch-rivals Germany with a 2-0 victory in the Algarve Cup final in Portugal, and are now on an unbeaten run of 29 matches since their 1-0 group-stage defeat to Japan in last year’s edition of this long-running tournament. The US women have not relinquished top position in the world ranking for exactly five years – a record that will be hard to beat.

Impressive doesn't been to describe this accomplishment. A huge congratulations go out to the USWNT.

FIFA also released the schedule for the 2015 Women's World Cup in Canada. (via

Fans can now mark their 2015 calendars with the world’s largest women’s football tournament, which will dominate the Canadian landscape from 6 June until 5 July 2015.

The competition will kick off with the opening ceremony and opening matches in Edmonton. In total, 52 matches will be played over 30 days from coast to coast in six venues. The final match will be played in Vancouver.

A full breakdown of dates and locations can be found here. The biggest shocker, and a fact that has made some women's players upset, is that the final (and maybe all games if I'm not wrong) will be played on artificial turf. FIFA would never host a men's WC final on turf so why do it in the women's game? Of course let's not act like FIFA do things that make sense. I'm looking at you Qatar.......

WTF?!?!?'s blog brings up the point that there seems to have been a lot of animals invading the pitch lately. Click here to see videos of both incidences.

Last week, it was the wild marten that took a Swiss league match (and eventually all of us) by storm and even bit a player, and now we got the chickens of Blackburn and the bees of Brazil causing a stir.

As a Blackburn fan I know it's never a good thing when the fans have to use the Blackburn Chicken to make a protest.....but damn it is funny.

Thanks so much for reading. Let us know what you think about these stories and more in the comments below. I hope to see you all this weekend in Frisco.

I also wanted to say a special thank you to our departing patriarch Daniel Robertson for giving a soccer fan with a desire to talk about the sport I love a shot at being a part of this amazing community he's built here at Big D Soccer. I'll never be able to thank you enough letting me be a part of this family. You will be missed sir but we all know you'll do a fantastic job with FC Dallas and I'll debate HGH usage with you over a beer anytime.