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Dominic Kinnear Rips Into FCD & Cooper After Texas Derby Loss

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Dynamo coach goes on bizzare rant against Cooper/FC Dallas

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Well this certainly makes things a little bit more interesting.

Speaking to reporters after the emotional 3-2 loss to FC Dallas, Kinnear went on a fairly bizzare rant given the circumstances of the match(thanks to Steve Davis of Pro Soccer Talk for giving me these quotes):

"I thought the first few minutes looked really good," Kinnear said of his team. "And then a big guy out in the field threw himself to the ground and gets a free kick. And they got a goal out of it.

"I've watched this league for three weeks now and it saddens me that we have people who have no problem diving, and looking for fouls and then looking to the heavens. It's a sickening epidemic that's going on in our league and hopefully it cancels itself out here pretty soon. Because some teams play hard, some guys cheat. Sometimes the cheaters win. When you have guys that don't even get looked at, don't get touched, falling on the ground looking for fouls, it makes me want to throw up.

"Hopefully, the players look at themselves and realize that they are cheaters, first, and putting the game into total disrespect. And hopefully that's something that we, as coaches and players and as a league, can stop. Because it makes me not want to watch the game. And I can understand why people don't want to watch when [players] do that stuff."

Now I'm certainly can agree with the words of Kinnear that diving and looking for calls is an epidemic sneaking into the game, but taking aim at Kenny Cooper for an innocuous trip 40 yards from goal in the first half of a game that saw five goals?

Davis was able to catch up with Hyndman about the quotes which did not come out until after Hyndman's post-game press conference.

FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman took the high road when informed of Kinnear's comments. He said he respects Kinnear too much to say something negative and said Kinnear was "a perfect gentleman" after the match.

He said the Texas Derby was an emotional series and he understands that Kinnear was upset about a close loss.

When I asked Hyndman again if he had any comment about an opposition manager accusing his players of diving and cheating, Hyndman kept the course: "I'm not going to drop to that. I'm gonna let that go."

It's an absolute shame that unless these teams get drawn together in US Open Cup that they won't meet again for at least a year.

What do you think about his comments? Sour grapes or something with some merit to it?