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Quote Sheet: Comments Following FC Dallas 3-2 Win Over Houston

Players and coaches comment on Sunday's wild game.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Quote sheet time. Both coaches give their thoughts on Sunday's 3-2 win for FC Dallas over the Houston Dynamo. Some interesting heat from this.

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

On today's game...

It was a pretty wide-open game with two teams that put everything on the field. They are very hard-working and had a lot of different weapons coming at us. We got goals today from a defender, a midfielder and a forward, which is seldom you ever get all three lines scoring goals. I hated to see the goals we gave up because I think those are the type of goals that are stoppable.

On the resiliency, fighting back to get that win...

As I mentioned to the players at halftime one of the most dangerous scores in soccer is 2-0, and the reason it's dangerous is because you kind of put it on cruise-control. You're up 2-0 and what ends up happening is the opposition comes in and scores one. They have the momentum. They have the potential. They have the belief and you just lost your mental strength. It's hard to turn it back on, and normally you will see a second score come, and it happened today.

On scoring twice off set pieces, while denying Houston set piece goals...

It's one of their strengths when we talk about team strengths. This is one of their strengths. I think when Will Bruin got hurt, that hurt them, because he was really causing us a lot of problems on his runs and his physical play. To get two goals off of a team that is strong in the air, and a good goalkeeper who has been to the MLS Cup the last two seasons, it's great.

FC Dallas Midfielder Andrew Jacobson

On scoring his first goal of the season...

George was going for it, but it went right over his head so I tried to get my foot on it. It hit pretty clean and it went in.

On Houston...

A lot of fouls, they are a very physical team. That's what they do, that's no surprise to us. They made good adjustments once they went down and started overloading the midfield. They have a lot of very talented players; that was a big win for us.

How did Houston playing in Mexico affect today's game?

I don't know if I ever believe that stuff - I've been in plenty of games like that where you play better (the next game). It was a tough game, I'll tell you that and I was definitely happy to win it.

FC Dallas Defender Matt Hedges

I thought we had a good first half. I thought we were possessing well and being physical with them because they are a pretty physical team. We've been working on free kicks because we've got a lot of big guys and two free kicks right in a row we put them 2-0 down.

When you're down 2-0 you're going to press high and get some chances. They scored two chances we shouldn't have given them but at the end we buried the one we had so it was a good game.

FC Dallas Defender George John

I felt it go off the back of my head, looked up and it's in the back of the net. I put myself in a good place and I was lucky to get a goal out of it. Obviously on set pieces you're always trying to fight and get to the ball. Whether it goes off of your face, your head, shoulder, if it gets in the goal, it's a goal.

We were up 2-0 and it's definitely disappointing that we let in two goals in a span of probably two minutes. It was great that we came together and Kenny was able to get us one and get the three points.

Houston Head Coach Dominic Kinnear

We did great to come back into it to get it back to 2-2. I thought the guys did great, showed great fighting spirit. Then they netted one at the end.

On the adjustments after FC Dallas' first two goals...

We changed formations a little bit. It was good that we got halftime to regroup. I thought we came out and played well in the second half. In the first 20 minutes, we had chances to go 1-0 up. We just didn't take care of the set pieces side of it. They delivered some good balls and attacked it well and got some good bounces. So in the second half we changed it up a little bit and got back in the game, but that last little play there was enough to give Dallas the win.

Houston midfielder Corey Ashe

Obviously you don't want to start the game off by giving up two quick goals. (It was) just a mental lapse. They did well on both set pieces.

You get the first one and focus on getting the second one. Unfortunately we gave up the third one. I thought we showed a lot of character coming back and tying it.

Houston Defender Bobby Boswell

I just think we were pushing it. We had spells in the first half when we were good but gave up two goals on set pieces, which is uncharacteristic of this team. Credit to our guys, we did change our formations a bit and our personnel, and we were really pushing hard. They were kind of absorbing the pressure because they could. Then before you know it we got two real quick. Then it kind of went the other way. We tried to absorb and they came out and pushed and they got the late goal.