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FCD Stock Report - March 14

Ferreira is playing like a stud again, and I am impressed with a front office member....?



David Ferreira

Really the only constant so far this season on the offensive side of the ball has been the play of FC Dallas' talisman David Ferreira. DF10 has started out the season giving FCD fans the hope that he can return to his glory MVP days. With a goal and assist in the first two games, David is the only offensive player that has shown up for FC Dallas so far this season. FCD needs to find a way to keep feeding Ferreira the ball. David needs to have the ball at his feet. Think about it like a wizard without a wand. I'd hate to pull a Mavs analogy here, but the Mavs suck when Dirk is not involved in the offensive possession. The superstar needs to touch the ball at all times, be it as a decoy, set up man, or the finisher himself. DF10 is performing, the rest of the team needs to show up now.

Blas Perez

He's back! When FC Dallas signed Kenny Cooper and Eric Hassli, I honestly thought we'd have a big battle for the starting striker roles by the time Blas's suspension is over. However, since Hassli is not 100% percent healthy yet, we have not been able to witness the 4-4-2 that we all dreamed about at the beginning of the season, one with two strikers up top (not Castillo). Blas should help the finishing woes we have witnessed so far this season.

Dan Hunt

I have been thoroughly impressed with Dan Hunt's knowledge of the game so far in his brief time as a full-time employee since Doug Quinn tendered his resignation. However, what really won me over with Dan Hunt was his passion for FCD. He has made himself readily available to the fans (Facebook chats), and even bought pizza for some of the supporters' groups. He made a Twitter account and tweets about FCD following their matches. I like what he's thinking in regards to covering up some of the stadium and having a member of ownership in the front office might get ownership to start being more generous with the team (wishful thinking I know).


Raul Fernandez- Did as well as he could for the first two games. None of the three goals were his fault.

Kenny Cooper- Has been pretty active so far, but has nothing to show for it. Goals will come.


Andrew Jacobson

Going into the season, I had high aspirations for a Jacobson-Warshaw midfield tandem. Now, FC Dallas is searching elsewhere for help in the center of the park (Songo'o). It's not that Jacobson has been horrendous (same for Warshaw) but we all expected more and they have just been thoroughly outplayed in the middle of the park. Jacobson stormed on the scene when he was acquired from Philadelphia, but I expect more from him. His starting job is no longer untouchable.

FC Dallas Defense

After a decent outing in the first match against Colorado (aside from the menace known as Deshorn Brown), the FC Dallas defense laid an egg against Chivas USA in the second half. Two horrendous mistakes from the most trustworthy players on the team, George John and Matt Hedges, cost the team the game. Insert Michel into the fray and, as Phillip said in his grades, the back line is left exposed. However, Benitez left the team exposed a lot too and the service Michel provides outweighs the negatives. Zach Loyd is returning to his form and did not make any eye-popping mistakes so far into the season. The FCD back line was supposed to contend to be the best back line in the league. So far, they have not lived up to that standard.

Food For Thought:

1. Is DF10 a legitimate MVP candidate this early in the season?

2. Do you think Blas Perez can give this offense the boost it needs?

3. Are you as impressed with Dan Hunt as I am?

4. Sold on Fernandez yet?

5. Am I being too harsh on the defensive unit after posting a shutout in the first game?

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