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Five Thoughts from Sunday's Loss to Chivas USA

FCD struggles, but it's very early


The FCD road schedule opened with a bit of a thud on Sunday afternoon in California as Dallas couldn't hold onto a 1-0 lead with 30 minutes to play, allowing three goals in the last 25 minutes in a disappointing loss to Chivas USA. My five thoughts from the match:

What Happened? It wasn't a master class by any means, but FC Dallas seemed to have this one in control with a lead and just a half hour to play. As Schellas said after the game, I think the physical play got to Dallas a bit and they seemed to lose their heads. People talk about wanting FCD to go for the second goal after scoring a first, but when you get too wide open, these are the kinds of things that happen.

Step Back From the Ledge Folks, it's week two. The Galaxy won one of their first six games last year. If Hedges' header is six inches to the right, it finds the back of the next and FCD is up 2-0 game over. The mistakes from yesterday were the kinds of things that happen when teams are rusty early in the year. FCD has never gotten more than five points from the first four games of the season under Schellas Hyndman and I bet you they'll find a way to win one of the next two so just relax, it's one game.

Defensive Lapses It's funny because while I think the first Chivas USA goal was really well taken by Juan Agudelo, it's still one that you'd like for Hedges to do better on. What I'm wondering, however, is how the defense can get broken down by a simple ball over the top like that...I need to go back and see where George John is on the play.

Midfield Miscues My biggest worry from this game is the central midfield for FC Dallas. It's two games in a row now where Jacobson and his partner haven't been up to par and that's something that will need to change if Dallas is to have success. I'm not sure where the AJ who played so well in Portland during preseason has gone, but I'd like to see him back.

Physicality The referees have to do better with this stuff. Jacobson and Ferreira were obviously targeted with fouls as Jacobson ended up being the most fouled player in the weekend suffering six fouls while Ferreira was one of just a handful of players that was fouled at least four times. The problem is they do it systematically to avoid yellow cards, but the fact that it took five fouls for Oswaldo Minda to earn persistent infringement is ridiculous.