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Quote Sheet: Comments Following FC Dallas 3-1 Loss To Chivas USA

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Both coaches offer up their opinions following the 3-1 loss for FC Dallas.


Disappointing. Embarrassing. Whatever you want to call it, FC Dallas lost a bad one last night to Chivas USA. We'll have more from the match later today. Starting out is the quote sheet from last night's game.

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman
Thoughts on the game:

"We got a little bit too wrapped up in the things that were going on off the field, we were a little naive and will get better with that. We were too spread out and too open when we had a 1-0 lead. We should have condensed the field and made things a bit more difficult, instead we opened it up. The first two goals, I think, were defensive errors which are going to happen, and the third goal we put everything forward. I think we played well enough to win the game, we just did not play smart enough. "

Thoughts on Chivas USA winning the game:

"I think we are a better team than what we showed today. Again, a lot of things going on in the field that we are going to have to get better at, like the spacing."

On his club creating opportunities:

"There were a lot of opportunities. I think that we could of bounced off of it. It seems like we held the ball a little bit long. The grass was high, it was very dry out there, I don't think it was watered. It slows the game and the ball down and it gets more physical. You have to look at gamesmanship or the things that are going on out there. At kickoff we had a great opportunity, two guys were open in front of the goal, we could have done better and we will do better."

Chivas USA head coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola

Thoughts on the game:

"In this team we are all obligated to play soccer, but nobody is obligated to do the impossible. However, this team [Chivas USA] today got to the edge of the impossible. This team, to many, lacks the quality, but if you pay attention, we scored the first and second goals with a lot of quality. I believe that's the difference between last week and today. We, as a group, are fighting and giving all on the field, that's what we are obligated to do. For that, everyone who is involved with this team, we are doing our best, day in and day out. If with that, we can do what we did today, I have to say welcome. We still can improve in many aspects, especially individually. Today, we missed a lot of passes and we should have been close to score more."

On the substitutions:

"Obviously you make substitutions looking to improve your team's performance, but please do not give me credit for the win. The players won today, not me. Every one of my players wants to go in. If I could, I would make seven substitutions, but I can't. This win is a credit to all my players."

On the win:

"This is our first win, we are still like a new-born in this league, but thank God we did something good today and that gives credibility to my players and the institution. As I said before, we committed several mistakes on the field, but the only mistake that I'm not going to allow is for my players to stop fighting. I insist, my players should never put their heads down, and today we demonstrated that once again. With the score against us [1-0] , with little time on the clock, we came back when some people thought we were dead and [Chivas USA] kept on fighting and found Dallas' net three times."