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Game Grades: Chivas USA v FC Dallas

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FC Dallas grades out well in a lopsided 3-1 defeat. Wait, what?

This was certainly a common site today.
This was certainly a common site today.

This might be one of the harder player grades to figure out. Aside from one big blunder from George John the team played fairly well... as individuals. But, I'm not here for analysis. To the grades.

Man of the Match - David Ferreira

There really isn't any other option here. He was by far the best player on the field for either team today unless you want to say Dan Kennedy is the only reason the game was winnable late for Chivas. Ferreira's goal was beautiful but for some reason he didn't see much of the ball late. Very unfortunate.

Starting XI

GK Raul Fernandez - 6.0

Fernandez was strong in the box and was sure handed with a few hard shots. I don't think you can fault him for any of the three goals, especially the last one. For as unorganized as the back unit looked at times I am almost surprised there weren't a few more goals scored.

D Michel Perreira - 6.0

The only fault I could find with Michel's game today was that he leaves the backline exposed after making runs to the final third. He is strong on the ball and his size made it hard for opponents to easily beat him. He had a few good services into the box as well. Overall a decent outing.

D George John - 3.5

I think many of us would consider John the captain of the defense. Unfortunately, his poor first touch in the second half gave Chivas their game winning goal. I think he would be the first one to admit that the defense did not play well. He also had a great opportunity late to tie the game 2-2 but lofted his header well over the bar.

D Matt Hedges - 5.0

The worst part of the Agudelo goal was giving him so much space to receive the ball in the air. The footwork for Agudelo was fantastic and Hedges tried his best to recover. I wanted to go a little lower on the score here, but Hedges was strong in the air all day and almost made the game 2-0 off of the corner.

D Zach Loyd - 5.0

I actually had very few notes about Loyd from this game. He had some good runs to the final third and was the only guy to hustle back on the 3-on-1 fast break for Chivas that led to their third goal. I expect that he will have games this season where he will shine.

M Andrew Jacobson - 5.5

Jacobson was strong on the ball in the middle of the field and made mostly good decisions. He and Ferreira were fouled enough to warrant one yellow for consistent infringement. Early on Jacobson had a good combo with Castillo that sprung him open for a shot, otherwise he patrolled the middle of the pitch well enough.

M Bobby Warshaw - 5.0

I like what Warshaw brings off the bench when we are trying to ice a game away. He moved the ball well with Jacobson but is more of a defensive minded player. Chivas didn't have many good opportunities in the first half and Warshaw could have been the reason.

M David Ferreira - 8.0

Ferreira found himself on his back quit often which is a theme still developing from the last few seasons. Ferreira had a MVP like moment, slicing through two defenders and slotting home a shot beneath Dan Kennedy. (Man did Dan Kennedy have a game today.) Ferreira was certainly the best player for FCD today. Unfortunately the best player didn't see much of the ball in the last ten minutes of the game.

M Jackson - 6.0

Jackson saw the ball a lot today. Unfortunately, no one was on the same page. Jackson tried to take on his defender the majority of the time and when he lost the ball he stopped playing. Maybe it's just me, but I hate it when guys stop because they made a mistake. Too often the ball found Jackson and he slowed the buildup. When he was able to spring free he made dangerous runs into the box and put the ball on frame a few times as well.

F Fabian Castillo - 6.0

Castillo play a lot like Jackson, except with more speed. Castillo was unable to finish a few good chances and made a few poor decisions by trying to take on his defender without using his teammates. But, he was electric in spurts and ran down a break away to keep the game 0-0. Not a bad game but I don't like him in this position. Either bring him off the bench or put him on the wing.

F Kenny Cooper - 7.0

Cooper was dangerous all day. He received the ball well. Made good runs. Made smart passes. But he couldn't finish a golden opportunity and pulled his shot across the goal. He held the ball well for Ferreira to make a few runs and didn't lose his temper on a red worthy foul in the second half.


M Je-Vaughn Watson - 5.0

Watson was strong on the ball in the midfield and delivered some good balls as the game was ticking away. He has a very good feel for the game and although he is smaller than Jacobson and Warshaw he didn't get pushed around at all.

D Jair Benitez - 5.0

Benitez played a defensive winger role replacing Castillo in the 68' minute. He didn't bring much to the game in my eyes. The defense was playing poorly and there weren't many other options for wingers at that point.

F Eric Hassli - N/A

Hassli didn't play long enough to leave a mark on the game. He did make a few runs that were called offside's, but rating him purely on that would not be just.

On to next week and a much better (or worse) opponent: Houston.