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Peter Luccin Undergoes Successful Knee Surgery

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Luccin and Ugo Ihemelu are placed on the club's injured reserve.

Peter Luccin is out for several months now.
Peter Luccin is out for several months now.
Jason Minnick, FC Dallas

FC Dallas midfielder Peter Luccin had successful surgery to reconstruct a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, the club announced today.

Luccin is expected to be out six to eight months during recovery. Yikes.

Luccin suffered the injury during FC Dallas' preseason in early February.

Both Luccin and defender Ugo Ihemelu have been placed on the injured reserve. The club can go out and fill their roster spots now as well.

Naturally this is a blow to the club with what was considered a pretty decent signing at the time. Things got a little dicy though once Luccin arrived in Frisco, and within a week of training he was limping around.

Tough break for him but having the open roster spots will help in the long run. I'm not entirely sure if this means the international slot that he occupied is free as well but I would imagine it will be. Six to eight months is practically the season folks.