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Clavijo Still Optimistic on Hollingshead

Clavijo has talked with UCLA winger but no decision made yet

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

I had a chance to catch up with Fernando Clavijo recently and while most of the stuff has ended up on, I wanted to share this nugget with you guys regarding the possibility of signing UCLA winger Ryan Hollingshead.

"I had a great conversation with a very great young man," Clavijo told me via phone. "He's doing something that is very special in Haiti on the mission. I know what he's doing and he has a higher call right now."

Upon their return from Cancun, Clavijo is planning on bringing Hollingshead to Frisco for a recruiting pitch. With the departure of Brek Shea, about the only weakness left on the FCD roster is depth on the wings, something the experienced Hollingshead could provide from day one.

"I can only bring him to Dallas to hopefully show him who we are and to show him what we are all about," said Clavijo. "To meet our owners, our coaches and our players and hopefully show him that this is a place that [he and his fiancée] would want to be."

Clavijo reiterated that no decision has been made by the UCLA winger who told Simon Borg that he would be helping his brother plant a church in Sacramento upon arrival back in the United States.

"He has not confirmed that he wants to play and he has not confirmed that he doesn't want to play," said Clavijo. "My hopes, of course, are that I can provide him with information and support for his decision whatever it is."