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Ramon Nunez Next For FC Dallas?

Another Dallas Native Returning to Schellas Hyndman's Squad?

Mike Stobe

Maybe a bit lost in the commotion of Monday's big trade news was the story broken by 3rdDegree that former FC Dallas attacking midfielder Ramon Nunez is back with the club. Nunez enjoyed a successful first stint in Dallas as a big part of some very good teams in 2005 and 2006.

After being traded from FC Dallas to Chivas USA, he played in Honduras, Mexico and most recently with Leeds United of the English Championship, but was placed on the transfer list in the summer and failed to make a move after tearing his ACL in late August.

Nunez also played one very successful season for Schellas Hyndman at SMU.

He comes to FCD hardly fit, but when healthy you've got to think that the 27-year-old Nunez can certainly play a part on this squad as the backup for David Ferreira as well as someone who can add some depth on the wings as well. Nunez may be remembered by some of the more experienced FCD fans negatively because he struggled in 2007, but Nunez was a guy who can change the game with one kick, a major threat outside the box and someone who can hit the free kicks as well. Schellas told 3rddegree that Nunez is still probably a month away from training, so this is one for the long term rather than the short term, but still an interesting development.