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Eric Hassli Traded To FC Dallas

Dallas sends a second round pick to Toronto in the deal.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

This was a deal we had heard mentions of on Friday and it got sorted out today just before the club leaves for Cancun tomorrow.

FC Dallas has finalized a deal with Toronto FC that sends French forward Eric Hassli to Dallas in exchange for a conditional second round pick in the 2014 MLS SuperDraft.

The conditional pick that Toronto gets likely has to do with the number of games Hassli plays in. I'll have to get more clarification on what it all means from the club however. Usually clubs don't designate which round the conditional pick is actually in - usually a conditional pick is sent and if a player plays/appears in a certain number of games it turns into a high pick.

"Hassli is also a player who can complement Blas Perez, allowing us to play in a two-striker system." -FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman

Hassli will retain his Designated Player status with FC Dallas from the looks of things. Last year he made a base salary of $550k last year with total compensation reaching $800k. I'd imagine Toronto will eat a little bit of that cost but Dallas will be picking up a good chunk of this (thank you Brek Shea money). Only $365k counts towards the salary cap and Dallas will likely still have good bit of money to play with after the dust settles here. You also have to remember that getting rid of Shea's salary cap will likely off set this deal in the end. Shea had a cap hit of nearly a DP level, I wouldn't be surprised if that $650k allocation that the club got for Shea's transfer is still mostly in tact.

Hassli scored three goals and had three assists last year in Toronto. And while he did well in his time in Vancouver before getting traded to Toronto last summer, I would argue that he's never had quality service out of the midfield during his time in MLS.

From the Toronto side of things is where this gets interesting:

"Eric requested a move for family related reasons and we committed to him we would make every effort to do so, providing the deal was favourable for the team," said Toronto FC President and General Manager Kevin Payne. "We are satisfied with the terms of the trade. If Eric has a productive year for Dallas the consideration paid to us will be greater."

I've read that his wife and family live in the US, so being closer to them sounds interesting. I wouldn't be shocked if FCD offered to move his family to Dallas either.

Overall, this is a good move for Dallas. They get a striker that can compliment Blas Perez and David Ferreira and as we've seen in the past he can create goals out of nowhere, something that FC Dallas has lacked these last couple of seasons.

We'll have more analysis here on this deal today.