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Post-San Jose Game Thoughts

Five thoughts from the FC Dallas Preseason finale against San Jose

Steve Dykes

Last night, FC Dallas wrapped up the preseason against a strong San Jose Earthquakes squad in the Portland Preseason Tournament finale for both squads. The Quakes came out on top 2-1 scoring the game-winning goal early in the second half on a slip up from rookie defender London Woodberry. FCD had a chance to tie the game late as Blas Perez earned a penalty kick with basically his first touch of the game, but his PK attempt was very poor and rather easily saved by the excellent Jon Busch.

For a more thorough recap of the match head to the FCD website

Five thoughts from Saturday's match

Best Performance of the Week It's funny how soccer works and I thought that despite this being FCD's only loss of the week, they played their best match. I thought it was an aesthetically pleasing and fluid game from the FCD attack that was really only thwarted from scoring three or four times by a blinder from Jon Busch. FC Dallas created 20 shots against what is the starting defense of the Quakes (minus the injured Steven Beitashour).

Defense is fine Again, the Quakes are missing Alan Gordon and Steven Lenhart, but last night, Dallas limited the vaunted San Jose attack to basically two chances in the whole match. As Schellas said post-game, if we can avoid a busted offside trap and not fall on our butt, we'll be fine this year. FC Dallas was just a couple mistakes from holding all three teams scoreless this week.

Finishing It's generally the last thing that comes in preseason and it's still not there yet for FCD. Fabian Castillo created a ton of great chances, but the final product was just awful. The fluid play from Dallas created guilt-edged chances for Kenny Cooper, Castillo and others that were slammed right at Busch when they really should have been put in the back of the net. I'd like to think that a team with this much firepower won't be worrying about finishing through the season, but it is a bit of a concern.

Yesterday's lineup I think that's the starting lineup next Saturday against Colorado. The only slight change that could happen is Michel in for Jair Benitez which would probably please a lot of the readers of this website. Other than that you're likely to see Fabian Castillo next to Cooper which seemed to work fine yesterday and Warshaw/Jacobson paired together in midfield (more on that soon).

Regarding Michel I think he adds a lot to this team. Perhaps the most interesting thing was the fact that the Brazilian took the corners when they were on the right side instead of Ferreira. Given that Michel is left-footed it works much better, allowing for in-swining balls rather than the rather poor out-swingers that the right-footed Ferreira offers from the same side.

Oh and London Woodberry, shrug it off man. Get that stuff out in preseason.