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Quote Sheet: Comments After FC Dallas' 2-1 Loss To San Jose

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The last preseason game saw Dallas lose 2-1 to Chris Wondowloski and San Jose.

Steve Dykes

In the final game of the preseason, FC Dallas lost to the San Jose Earthquakes 2-1. Here are some comments from Schellas Hyndman and a couple of the players following the loss.

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

General thoughts on the match...

San Jose is a good team. We got behind but we found a way to pick up the tempo and get back into the match. We walked away feeling like we made a few mistakes but they are ones that we can fix rather easily. What we need to do now is just finish our scoring opportunities. I don't know if I would say we were unlucky. We could have done some things differently and probably should have.

On Kenny Cooper and Fabian Castillo's play up front...

The two of them were very mobile. It caused San Jose some problems because Kenny started to get a little bit better at holding the ball and getting extra touches. Fabian was very explosive and quick and also caused them some problems. The two of them did well considering it was the first time they played with each other.

On what FC Dallas learned this week...

We really grew a lot this week. The previous games we played were against college teams and lower division teams - slower pace and not the standard with the intensity that our league has. The first game we played here, against AIK, we didn't have much intensity. We were not sharp enough. Against Portland, we were able to raise that level a lot. Tonight we got much better in the attacking third and were able to create a lot of scoring chances. What I learned and what I hope our players' learned is that with continued determination and hard work, we'll be in every game.

FC Dallas midfielder Andrew Jacobson

General thoughts on the match...

The most important thing in preseason is doing things right. You don't get any points for winning in preseason. The goal for everyone is to do well throughout a 34 game season. The important thing is to establish how you are going to play and execute that plan. We have a really good foundation, things clicked really well today. I'm really not too worried about today's result. We outshot them. Our fitness level is pretty solid and we have a lot of talent still on the bench. Everything looks good. Now, we just have to go out there and do it for over the course of the regular season.

On playing next to Bobby Warshaw...

A lot of the time we really don't even have to communicate. Having him in there allows me to step a bit higher and I don't find myself having to turn and see if he is there because he is always where he needs to be. He wins the ball well and we have a similar understanding of the game.

FC Dallas midfielder Bobby Warshaw

General thoughts on the match...

We're a club that prides itself on winning so we're talking about a lot of positive things we were able to do today but at the end of the day we didn't win. That's what we'll walk away from this game feeling... Hopefully we can take that desire into next weekend and start the season off with a victory.

On starting twice this week in central midfield next to Andrew Jacobson...

You ask any player and they'll say that when you play with people you get along with, you're going to play well. We get along well. AJ is a good dude, a good friend, a good teammate. We feel comfortable in there. To answer your question, it feels good. We have a good relationship. You play with someone for two years... you watch other people on the team play that position for two years, you hear what coach says and what coach wants. You perform those tasks in games and in practice... I'm just trying to do my job. My job is not a glorious job. It's doing the grunt work to free up David Ferreira and AJ and give them more room to do their thing. It's like saying to them, ‘Go play. Go take chances because I am here to back you up.'