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2013 Community Predictions: Eric Hassli

FCD's new French forward is third on the depth chart, but could he end up being the most productive?

Daniel Robertson

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The acquisition of Eric Hassli was almost lost in the shuffle as it was announced the same time as Kenny Cooper in a sensational double signing. However, while Blas Perez and Cooper are almost surely the starters at this point, things could work out where Hassli is the one who reaps the benefits.

Through his two years in MLS, the Frenchman has a solid scoring record of 15 goals in 3334 career minutes, good for a strike rate of a goal every 222 minutes, or once every 3.5 games. However, Hassli has played for Toronto FC and Vancouver, two teams where he was almost the overwhelming scoring option that defenses had to key on rather than one of about five solid options that will be the case in Dallas.

Hassli comes into the season about a month behind the rest of the squad as he was not really training with TFC before joining Dallas and while he's working incredibly hard to get fit for opening day, it's not clear whether he will start.

So you know the drill...Games played, goals, assists....and go!

I'm going to say he plays in 24 games, scores 6 goals and 6 assists