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FC Dallas Depth Chart: Late February Edition

After two new signings yesterday, it is time once again to revisit the depth chart for FC Dallas.

Steve Dykes

With each passing day the FC Dallas roster continues to fill out nicely. Yesterday the club announced the signing of fullback Michel and also the trade of midfielder Je-Vaughn Watson. So with those two new additions to the roster, things have begun to fill out quite nicely here.

There are still some moves left to be made but the roster is nearly complete for First Kick on March 2 against the Colorado Rapids.

Just for reference we're only listing a player once on here - even if they can play multiple spots. We're going with the position that player would most likely play if they were 100% healthy and game-fit.

I've also decided to ditch the old 4-1-4-1 formation for what appears to be the wave of the future in the 4-4-2.


1. Chris Seitz
2. Raul Fernandez
3. Richard Sanchez (HGP)
4. Kyle Zobeck*

Left Back

1. Jair Benitez
2. Michel

Center Back

1. George John
2. Stephen Keel
3. London Woodberry (HGP)

Center Back

1. Matt Hedges
2. Walker Zimmerman

Right Back

1. Zach Loyd
2. Kellyn Acosta (HGP)

Left Midfielder

1. Fabian Castillo (DP)
2. Cam Wilder*

Holding Midfielder

1. Andrew Jacobson
2. Peter Luccin
3. Bobby Warshaw
4. Je-Vaughn Watson
5. Victor Ulloa (HGP)

Right Midfielder

1. Jackson

Attacking Midfielder

1. David Ferreira (DP)
2. Ramon Nunez*
3. TJ Nelson*


1. Blas Perez
2. Eric Hassli
3. Bradlee Baladez (HGP)


1. Kenny Cooper
2. Jonathan Top (HGP)


- Yeah, still no Ugo Ihemelu. We know he is working out with a new doctor but there has been no talks of when/if he'll return.

- Moises Hernandez is on loan.

- No new update on Luccin though the Watson trade makes you wonder a bit as to how much longer they'll give Luccin.

- Players with an asterisk next to their name have yet to be signed. Nunez is the one wildcard in that bunch as the club appears to be interested in him still but with his injury at the moment nothing has been said as to when they might try to sign him.

- I've removed Ryan Hollingshead from this chart this time. My gut tells me if we do see him it won't be until this summer but I am kind of doubtful he'll play at this point.

- The wing depth is still very concerning but the moves made yesterday suggest the diamond 4-4-2 formation may not be exactly what Schellas Hyndman is going to do.

- Development roster (the 10 players not counted towards the salary cap) is full. That is if you count the Supplemental draft picks that have yet to sign with the club, though I believe one may be an odd man out in the end (Nelson).

- The senior roster is now at 18 if you count Nunez, 19 when you add in Ihemelu. That leaves one more spot open.