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Video & Livethread - FC Dallas vs AIK - Portland Preseason Tournament

FC Dallas is playing Swedish opposition in the Portland Preseason Tournament! Let's talk about it

Jonathan Ferrey

Very good news as there is a YouTube link to watch FC Dallas battle AIK of Sweden at the opening match of the Portland Preseason Tournament. I expect that Schellas Hyndman will send out a squad made up of mostly starters for this one and since it's the first really important match of the preseason, why not have a live thread?

So far this preseason, FC Dallas has defeated University of Memphis, Merida CF and Atlante, though all were really very friendly matches. This tournament is where FCD really picks up the intensity, as I wrote on Friday for

"It's extremely important, because the games we got in Mexico were more friendly games," Schellas Hyndman told reporters on Wednesday. "Even though these are friendlies in Portland, they're kind of putting their foot on you. They're making an impression [to say], ‘We're better than you,' and it's a mindset."

The match starts at 4:30 Central time and join us right here to chat about things. Will update when lineups are out.