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Community Predictions: Blas Perez

In our first set of the series, what will the Panamanian do this year numbers wise?


I thought it'd be fun to bring back the community predictions this year and what better player to start with than Blas Perez?

Last year, we predicted that Perez would go for 13 goals and 6 assists in 26 games. Blas ended up with 9 goals and 4 assists in 20 games so the guess was really pretty much spot on except that he didn't have those six extra games to grab another four goals and two assists.

This year, Blas Perez is suspended for the first two games and Schellas has said he could miss as many as nine more between World Cup Qualifying and Gold Cup so keep that in mind when making your predictions.

The drill for this is to give us how many goals, assists and games you think he'll play this year. I will tally them all up, average them out and we'll look back on these at the end of the year either laughing at ourselves or giving a pat on the back.

My thoughts? Blas is going to have room to work this year with all the other talent on the pitch and if he can play a lot of games, he can rack up big numbers. In reality, I think his numbers end up being very close to last year which, given the additions of Kenny Cooper and Eric Hassli, would be just fine.

10 goals 4 assists 22 games