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Best Wins of the Hyndman Era: Pumas Toppled, MLS Cheers

Remember the days before MLS had defeated a Mexican team on Mexican soil in a real match? Thanks to FC Dallas, those days are now in the history books.


Today we begin our series of "Best Wins of the Hyndman Era", where we chronicle the highest points in an otherwise "meh" period in FC Dallas history. It wasn't all doom and gloom under Schellas. He helped lead FCD to some major franchise milestones, including the dramatic away victory in Mexico City during the CONCACAF Champion's League in August of 2011.

This was a game that no one in their right mind expected Dallas to win. Under no circumstance was Dallas expected to take down one of the best teams in Mexico, on Mexican soil, during the CCL. The thought of Dallas winning simply never entered most people's minds and not entirely without reason.

David Ferreira had only been injured for a few months, and while Dallas had been doing well in the league, there were signs of things coming undone. History was also majorly against FCD, as no MLS team had ever registered a win on Mexican soil in a competitive match. Many expected LA or Seattle to be the first team to take home the honors, but fate had something else in mind.

Pumas UNAM came out firing on all cylinders and it looked as if Dallas was in for a long night. But as the halftime whistle blew, Dallas had avoided the hail of bullets sent their way and were looking at a rather flattering but still wonderful 0-0 scoreline. Pumas had trotted out a young team missing several critical starters, and the Mexican media expected a young hero to stamp Pumas' authority over the little MLS club that dared take on. However, the hero of the night ended up being Marvin Chavez, who in the 66th minute scored the only goal of the night to make it 1-0 to the visitors.

Dallas held on desperately and defended with everything they had, and when the final whistle blew the crowd booed loudly. The Mexican media was aghast as one headline read "¡Ya Cae Pumas!" ("Pumas Falls!") alongside a picture of a Pumas player falling down. In a matter of minutes, the headline was changed "Cae Pumas B", removing the exclamation marks and attributing the loss to the youngsters (their "B team", they called it) in an effort to diminish MLS' accomplishment.

At the end of the night though, no amount of spin could change that fact that an MLS side, our team, took down mighty Pumas UNAM in their home stadium and in front of their home fans. Their fans could whinge and moan and say Pumas never cared for the CCL, but the fact stands that their side lost to an American club. Their fans that night certainly seemed to care. There was certainly a great deal of booing aimed at our boys.

That was one hell of a night to be an FC Dallas fan, wasn't it?