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Big D Soccer's MLS SuperDraft Player Profiles

With the fifth pick in the 2014 MLS SuperDraft, FC Dallas selects....

Jamie Squire

Over the last month or so, we have slowly been rolling out a few names to you all that FC Dallas might look at with the fifth overall pick in next month's SuperDraft. Now we're going to shift that focus to individual player profiles of the players that could be worth a look at the number five spot.

FCD also has the 24th, 43rd and 62nd pick in the four-round draft. I do need to point out that the second round pick (number 24) could still end up going to Toronto thanks to the Eric Hassli trade. That deal was a conditional second round pick and I'm still waiting official word that it will go to Toronto. It is very possible that those conditions were not met in 2013, so that pick might be staying with FCD.

For starters you can look at our past two articles, as well as MLS's (very) early mock draft and SBI's big board. Lastly, head over to, those guys definitely do the best job each year at covering the college and amateur scene.

I have a decent list of names that could be worth signing in the draft, both seniors in college and potential Generation adidas players. Continue to check back here for for profiles of those players as we roll them out, the first one will be up later today.

If you have a player you're thinking is worth a look, feel free to comment below. If that player isn't on the list, we'll look at adding them in.