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2014 SuperDraft Profiles: Christian Dean

Another center back? As a GA target, hear us out.

Cal Athletics

We're getting back on the SuperDraft bus here today with another player profile. Up next is another big target, one that could be a Generation adidas player if he signs with the league. We're talking about California center back Christian Dean.

The left-foot center back is a big dude, another guy that would be great on set pieces with his six-foot-three frame. He helped guide Cal to six shutouts this season and he quickly grew on many scouts radars.

His size isn't the only thing that people have noticed. Ives has his at number one on his big board, Top Drawer Soccer has his high on their list too. He is another guy that can command a back four and would be an instant leader for the team (something we've discussed in the past as a missing element).

The one thing knocking on his game at this point is his distribution. He will need to improve at the next level with his passing but being in a professional setting will only help him in that department.

I know most of you are thinking it is silly to even discuss another center back in this process but hear us out. Dean is a seriously good prospect. FC Dallas has done very well in the past few years buy scouting and drafting quality defenders. Even adding another one to the mix doesn't complicate things too much with potential loans that will happen in 2014.

With a pick at number five in January's draft, it isn't out of the question to pick the best player available. If Dean falls to this point in this draft, you take him.