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United States Placed In Pot 3 For World Cup Draw

No one ever said it would be easy.

Michael Regan

The World Cup Draw won't happen until Friday but we now know where the United States' ball will be placed.

The US, along with Mexico, Honduras and Costa Rica, were placed in Pot 3 with the four qualifiers from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), meaning none of those eight nations will play each other in the group stage. Pot 1 is made of the eight tournament seeds (along with hosts Brazil), Pot 2 includes Africa's five representatives along with unseeded South American sides Chile and Ecuador and Pot 4 boasts all nine unseeded European nations.

Each group will include one team from each pot, with one team from Pot 4 drawn into Pot 2.

Just as in previous World Cups, the regional exclusivity will take place once again in the draw with the exception of some groups having two UEFA teams drawn together. FIFA created Pot X, which includes all four seeded teams from CONMEBOL (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay). The European ball from Pot 2 will be drawn along with one from Pot X to immediately match the two before the draw begins, eliminating the possibilty that the process could bear a group including three teams from UEFA.


Pot 1 (8): Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium

Pot 2 (7): Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Chile, Ecuador

Pot 3 (8): United States, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Iran

Pot 4 (9): Italy, Netherlands, England, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Russia, Portugal, France

I've done the draw simulators several times, as I'm sure many of you have as well. No matter which way the ball bounces on Friday, the US will be in a tough group. The best we can probably hope for here is one with Switzerland, Algeria, and Greece. Even that doesn't sound that easy.

What kind of group are you wanting to see come Friday for the US?

We will have coverage of the Draw on Friday here at Big D Soccer.