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Best of Big D Soccer 2013: May - August

Part 2 of our top stories of 2013 series.

Cooper Neill

Yesterday we looked at our top stories from the 2013 preseason up until the end of April. We're looking back at our top stories of 2013 here at Big D Soccer and today we'll look at some slightly darker months in 2013 as we go from May to August.

May rolled around with some injury news on Andrew Jacobson and George John. It seemed a little early to ask at the time but we also wondered if the Supporters' Shield was really realistic in 2013.

Fernando Clavijo started dropping some hints about a mystery midfielder that the club was looking at. We narrowed our list of targets for that search. Shortly after that, the first salary report was released by the MLSPU.

Week 10 saw FCD and Portland draw 1-1. Week 11 was slightly better with a late winner over DC United.

Stories began to pop-up about FCD's potential stadium sponsor.

As the next game rolled into focus, the club left home three big names for their trip to Seattle. That trip ended up being a bust despite a great goal from Michel.

Late May saw MLS expand to New York City. FCD downed San Jose the next weekend thanks to Raul Fernandez and Fabian Castillo. Of course San Jose brought their goons to that game. FCD would also advance in the third round of the USOC past Fort Lauderdale.

Then the Richard Sanchez to Tigres madness kicked up. Cold water was poured on that though by Schellas Hyndman and Dan Hunt. But it would drag on.

FCD would kick off June with a draw in Colorado. We still pondered if the club would be able to silence the critics.

FCD would beat Houston (again!) in the USOC fourth round. But they would lose to Portland in the quarterfinals later that month.

Week 16 rolled around and the club would lose at Portland 1-0. Shortly after that the club announced their 11th Homegrown signing in Danny Garcia.

FCD returned home for a Week 17 match with Sporting KC. The game was a bit crazy as it ended in a 2-2 draw. They would get the same result in Philadelphia the next week.

July 4th hit the calendars, Chivas came to town and gave FCD a fight for 90 minutes in a 0-0 draw. Shortly after that match the team would sign Erick.

The struggles would only continue into the next week as LA downed FCD 2-0. We continued to stay positive though on things even if we thought the form was fiction.

Week 20 came around and RSL thumped FCD in Frisco 3-0. We tried to explain the mess, Hyndman stated changes would be coming, and those changes were hinted at being in the form of Maruo Diaz.

Diaz would officially sign in late July, giving some fans a little glimmer of hope. We urged everyone to be patient with him.

The scoreless drought would continue for another week as FCD tied Montreal 0-0.

FCD would finally loan out some of their younger players sending Sanchez and Bradlee Baladez to Fort Lauderdale of the NASL.

Stoke City came to town at the end of July. We asked if it was worth it while we got to see plenty of Kellyn Acosta.

August rolled into focus as we asked what was going on with Bobby Warshaw. We also learned that George John got a bump in pay via the new retention fund route.

But the scoreless slump continued with a 3-0 loss at Seattle.

The team would finally score again, in a big way, but the winless streak would continue after a 3-3 draw to LA.

Warshaw would then be loaned to a Swedish second division club, where he would kill it scoring several goals.

By mid-August, Hyndman was talking schedule congestion yet again, while the winless streak would hit 11 games after another loss to Portland. After that game, we would question the club's leadership.

The winless rut would in however the following week as the team downed Chivas 3-1. But the team would end August with another 2-2 draw, this time against San Jose.