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A Historical Look At The Spots Where FC Dallas Will Be Drafting

Time to take a look at who has gone in the spots where FC Dallas will be selecting in next month's SuperDraft.

Jamie Squire

I mentioned earlier this week that we would be doing more SuperDraft coverage here this week. Now that Christmas is over, I wanted to take a look at some historical stuff in the SuperDraft.

Today we're going to be looking at where FC Dallas will be selecting in next month's draft and what kinds of players have been found over the years in those spots. And coming up soon, we'll take a full look back at FC Dallas in the SuperDraft, to see who they have drafted over the years.

Currently FC Dallas only has three picks in the four round draft. We're going to go only as far back as 2000 for this as well. (FC Dallas picks are in bold)

#5 -

Picks from 2013 - 2010: Erik Hurtado (Vancouver), Casey Townsend (Chivas), Zac MacMath (Philadelphia), Zach Loyd

Picks from 2009 - 2006: Peri Marosevic, Ciaran O'Brien (Colorado), Wells Thompson (New England), Sasha Kljestan (Chivas)

Picks from 2005 - 2000: Ugo Ihemelu (LA), Ryan Cochrane (San Jose), David Stokes (DC), Kelley Gray (Chicago), Joselito Vaca, Aleksey Korol

Thoughts: As you can see, FCD has a history with the number five pick, going there four times since 2000. You can also tell there there is some solid talent at this spot too with the likes of Loyd, Kljestan and Ihemelu in there. The jury is still out on a couple of those guys like Hurtado, Townsend and MacMath too but all were rated pretty well going into their respective drafts.

# 43 -

Picks from 2013 - 2010: Will Bates (Seattle), RJ Allen (Chivas), Mark Gold (Toronto), David Walker (Houston),

Picks from 2009 - 2006: David Sias (Chicago), Keith Savage (Chivas USA), Tommy Krizanovic, Mike Ambersley

Picks from 2005 - 2000: Guy Melemead (Colorado), Jason Perry (LA), Jack Jewsbury (Kansas City), Dominic DaPra (Kansas City), Adam Zapala, Lance Key (Colorado)

Thoughts: This pick has floated between the Supplemental rounds and in past SuperDrafts. Dallas has picked here three times but none since 2007. The talent at this point is a serious hit or miss, mostly with misses. Jewsbury is the clear top pick of those bunch as he is the only one that is really playing out of this group too.

#62 -

Picks from 2013 - 2010: Mark Linnville (Philadelphia), Brian Rowe (Chivas), JC Banks (Toronto), Euan Holden (Houston)

Picks from 2009 - 2006: no pick in 2009, Billy Chieles (Columbus), Gordon Kljestan (LA), Will Forko (RSL)

Picks from 2005 - 2000: Helmis Matute (Chivas), no pick in 2004, Ian Joy (Columbus), no pick in 2002, T.J. Hannig (DC), Casey Sweeney (Kansas City)

Thoughts: Another pick that floated between Supplemental and SuperDrafts in the past. No real names stand out as players that were big gambles that paid off here either. A couple names we may know of, only because they are the brothers of USMNT players. Rowe has been a solid backup keeper though over the last couple years, so he may be the best one of this bunch. Ian Joy is an interesting pick as the 2003 Supplemental draft was just him and a handful of other players.