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FC Dallas Roster Christmas Wishes

FC Dallas currently only a few open roster spots for just how will they fill them?

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The offseason has been a rocky one to say the least for FC Dallas. After dumping some high profile names either to the Re-Entry Draft or through a trade, FC Dallas only has a couple spots left to fill on the roster for 2014. So just how might the club go about filling those few spots?

Being that it is the holiday season, it seems only fitting to do a little Christmas wish list here for this type of thing.

Now obviously, the highest item on all of our lists right now is a new coach, but the sake of this post, we'll leave that off and focus on just the roster. Get that?

About those two Re-signings

Right now the talks between the club, Zach Loyd, and Peter Luccin are still on-going. Both are said to be going well according to FCD technical director Fernando Clavijo, so hopefully sometime in the next week or so we'll know officially whether or not both of them are on the team next year, of if another trade has been made involving one or both of them.

If the club does keep both, it makes the roster spots for next year that much more limited up front. The team will need to loan out a guy or two to open up some space.

To the wings (midfield)

Even with the limited space, the depth out wide could be characterized as thin.

On the left, you could move Jair Benitez up to the midfield now that the club should have Moises Hernandez back in the fold, not to mention Michel and London Woodberry can also play outside. But should whom ever the new manager is opt to keep Benitez in the back, it may mean we'll see more of Michel in the midfield or even more of Fabian Castillo on the left.

Danny Garcia is also going to be a player to watch here as well, but the experience factor may be something that FCD fans are worried about with him. And of course, let's not forget most of your favorite player in Je-Vaughn Watson.

On the right, there could be an option to move Kellyn Acosta up into the midfield with Loyd back on the right side. Though, Acosta may want a move into the middle of the midfield but that will be a topic for another day. Watson is also an option here but we cannot forget about newly signed midfielder Ryan Hollingshead either. Should he shine early on in preseason, he could be a good option on the right. But I do want to continue to stress, we can't expect great things out of the gate from Hollingshead, give the kid time, he has been away from the game for a year.

To the wings (in the back)

Oddly enough, Dan Hunt expressed his thoughts in his Facebook chat last week that he sees the club's fullback situation as one that needs to be addressed. Either that means the signing of Loyd isn't going where he thinks it is, or Hernandez could be loaned out again. Or something else. Either way, Hunt sees the outside backs as an area of concern that will be addressed this winter.

In the middle

Clavijo has stressed that the middle of the midfield still needs some work. Bringing in a box-to-box type DP is an option, but I honestly don't expect that to happen before March 8. Instead, I see the club bringing in that big piece in the summer, when the discounts are there for those type of signings and once the World Cup is over.

The club is fairly stacked in the center of the midfield but one could argue that it is a lot of pieces that still don't fit particularly well together. Adam Moffatt was a good signing, but will he go well with Andrew Jacobson or Bobby Warshaw? Time will tell that is for certain.

But what about a depth piece for Mauro Diaz? I doubt we'll find that outside of MLS right now, so maybe that comes through the SuperDraft with that number five pick.

Up top

Lastly, I don't think that too many people are counting on Eric Hassli to be the big piece up top to go along with Blas Perez just yet. That leaves a couple of Homegrown players in Jonathan Top and Bradlee Baladez to step up. Or will the club go out and snag a striker this winter? The money should be there to get someone fairly decent.

Hunt mentioned in his chat that he sees adding another striker as a top need for the club. For anyone who has been following this team these last few years, it seems like the search for a striker during the offseason is an annual thing. The question remains to be seen, what kind will they go after? A cheap one like Scott Sealy? One that likely won't pan out like Pipico? Or someone within MLS already that could partner well with Perez?

What kinds of players do you want to see brought in next year? Let's hear your FCD Christmas list in the comments below.