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2014 MLS SuperDraft Profiles: Omar Holness

The UNC freshman enjoyed a solid first year in college.

UNC Athletics

The SuperDraft is less than a month away now. Today we're going to be looking at UNC freshman midfielder Omar Holness.

The Jamaican midfielder is one of a few players that are in the running for a Generation adidas deal with the league. It is still possible that Holness will return to UNC for another season before signing with the league but his potential is certainly worth noting.

Holness enjoyed a pretty solid first year with the Tar Heels, scoring two goals and adding in three assists. He started 17 out of 20 games for UNC as well. The Tar Heels weren't an extremely offensive side but what Holness brought to the table was some amazing pace from the midfield and an ability to drive the ball into the box.

He also has the potential to be a good box-to-box type of player as well, a phrase we're hearing a lot about these days from FCD. As you can see from the clip below, Holness has the pace to take anyone on, a trait that I know many scouts enjoy seeing in a young player.

He would be a risky pick for FC Dallas to take on but one that could develop if given the right time and setting. With a potential Generation adidas tag to his name, the risk may be worth taking on even though the club has drafted so defensively over the last four years in the first round.