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Recapping Big D Soccers' 2013 Staff Predictions

Some good, bad and ugly from our preseason predictions.

Cooper Neill

It is the end of the year, which means websites are doing best of series or recap type posts. We're no different at Big D Soccer. We thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane to see how we, as a staff, thought this year would go.

Back before the start of the season we had a two part series where we looked at FC Dallas related predictions and then another at MLS related items. It is fun to look back and laugh at how off most of the predictions were at the time and be happy about the few that did pan out to be true.

So how did we do? Let's break it down in a good, bad and ugly type system.

The Good (FCD related)

- When asked about who would be the top Young Player (Under 23), most of the staff said Fabian Castillo. Not a bad pick but I'll toot my own horn by saying I was right to pick Kellyn Acosta, who killed it this season when he took over at right back.

- When asked about who would be FC Dallas' Golden Boot winner, only one person nailed it. Our old pal Daniel guessed Blas Perez correctly while the majority of us picked Kenny Cooper.

- Jay nailed his season prediction for FCD saying if things don't improve in 2013 that it may be Schellas Hyndman's final year. Well, we know how things ended up...

The Good (MLS related)

- When asked who the top overachieving team would be in 2013, a couple folks said Portland, while Alfredo said Colorado. I think that is a push really. Both Colorado and Portland wildly surpassed their expectations for the season, with the Timbers winning the Western Conference.

- When asked who would be the most underachieving team in 2013, a majority of us said San Jose. If we count the first six and a half months of the season, we were totally right to say that. Booya.

The Bad (FCD related)

- When asked about how we projected the season to go, most of us said that with a healthy team, FCD would likely finish fourth in the West and reach the conference finals. Oops.

- When asked who the top Young Player would be, one of our staffers said it would be Jonathan Top. No real knock to Top or Brian for picking him but Top didn't play a single second for the first team in 2013.

- A couple of our writers thought Jackson would be sold during the season. Instead he was traded to Toronto after it was all over. Eh, close enough I suppose.

The Bad (MLS related)

- One writer had San Jose winning MLS Cup in 2013. Most had Seattle. Yeah, our bad.

- Our old pal Daniel had Alvaro Saborio as the league's Golden Boot winner...most of us were taking Robbie Keane.

- One writer said Toronto would overachieve.

- Steve and Jay said that Sporting KC would underachieve. I'm afraid not.

The Ugly (FCD related)

- Nearly all of us picked David Ferreira to be the team's MVP. We were off...way off.

- I said FCD would win the USOC. Again, I was off....way off.

- Steve said Ramon Nunez would play more minutes than Jackson. Nope.

The Ugly (MLS related)

- Jay said D.C. United would overachieve in 2013. Three wins? Uh-oh.

- Jay also said that Toronto would make the playoffs in 2013. Toronto fans hate bold predictions such as these.

- I said that a MLS club would knock out a Mexican team in the CCL group stage. Nope...not even a chance for that to happen.