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FC Dallas To Take A Landmark Preseason Trip To Abu Dhabi

FC Dallas will be the first MLS club to take a preseason trip to the Middle East.

FC Dallas will be the first Major League Soccer team to travel to the United Arab Emirates to train and play exhibition games. FC Dallas will spend the first segment of its 2014 preseason in the United Arab Emirates when the club travels for two weeks to Abu Dhabi, UAE, in January and February 2014.

Al Jazira Sports and Culture Club will host FC Dallas from Jan. 30 to Feb. 12. The team will travel on Emirates Airlines to and from the UAE. While in Abu Dhabi, the team will stay at the Al Jazira Sports Hotel and train at the Al Jazira SCC facility. According to the release, FC Dallas is planning at least three friendly games during the trip, along with a special night for the American business community living and working in the UAE. The team will also make several community appearances during the trip.

FCD will also train and spend the other part of their preseason in Florida at the IMG Academy.

From the looks of things, we'll barely see the club in Frisco before the March 8th opener against Montreal. I will say that this trip is pretty interesting for FCD to take, certainly a risk with all the travel that early on in the season. The quality of competition may also be a thing worth noting while they are there but it shouldn't be too far from what they played last year in Mexico.

While this news has little to do with the coaching search, what do you all make of this announcement?