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Google In Play For A MLS Media Rights Deal?

Might Google be the next big player in the battle for soccer broadcast rights?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

So how does watching a MLS or FC Dallas game through Google sound?

Sports Business Daily journalist John Ourand is predicting that the search engine giant could be the winner in the upcoming MLS and USMNT rights deals.

Both media rights deals are set to expire in 2014, meaning there could be plenty of new players at the table alongside the usual sports giants like ESPN, Fox and NBC.

Ourand suggests that the progressive nature of MLS could be a perfect match for an online media service looking to break into the sports world. With Google on board, most analysts expect Netflix, Facebook (they just bought a sports data company recently) and others to follow suit.

There are some hurdles still left to be cleared before Google truly throws it's name forward in these discussions but it appears that we could be set for an interesting race in 2014 for the next media rights package. If you think about it, a MLS on YouTube subscription could be innovative, allowing fans to pick from a number of different packages.

What do you make of this sort of news? I'm sure most of you would agree that it would beat the heck out of dealing with Time Warner for FCD games.