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Welcome to December, Where FC Dallas Is Still Without A New Coach

The deadline to get a new manager passed as the month of December is here.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after former FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman stated he was stepping down after the 2013 season, the club's front office said they wanted to get someone to replace him in by the end of November.

Well, one quick look at the calendar and we are past that self imposed deadline and into December. That deadline was put in place for some of the roster construction that would be going on as a Dan Hunt and Fernando Clavijo wanted the new manager to weigh in on the slew of player contracts with options going into the 2014 season.

The deadline to extend those options or decline them was yesterday. FC Dallas already declined the option on three players as Erick, Ramon Nunez and David Ferreira saw their options declined. That means out of the list of 17 that we discussed on here, 15 players still remain with the club (Erick wasn't on the original list). Three of those 15 have expiring contracts, which have to be worked out before the end of the year.

So, where does FC Dallas go from here? If anything going into December without a new manager is not a good thing for a couple reasons. From scouting to picking a preseason destination, the longer this goes the worse off things could be.

Panic time?

I've been asked a few times recently as to when FC Dallas fans should hit the panic button on this search. To which I continue to reply with "New Years". If FCD doesn't have a new manager in place by the time the giant ball drops in the Big Apple, then we all panic.

Going into January without a coach puts this club at a major disadvantage going forward into the new season. Once January hits on the calendar, things will begin to take off for every MLS club. Preseason training will begin, travel to preseason sites will happen and new players will be signing contracts during that time as well. Not to mention you never want to go through the SuperDraft without a head coach, especially is you are drafting as high as FCD will be in January.

Pressure on Clavijo

A lot can still get done without a coach in December as players are still away from the team for their time off, Hunt and Clavijo can figure out contracts for those three expiring deals and the scouting of the SuperDraft and international markets can still continue on.

One thing to remember is that with Clavijo still in place, the roster construction will still continue. That does put more pressure on him to get it right this time around than ever before though.

He will have a ton of wiggle room to work with as well. Getting Ferreira's deal off the books opens up a lot of salary space to play with. Add in the likelihood of having Ugo Ihemelu's $200k to play with as well will make things nice too. Also, throw in Zach Loyd's deal if the club doesn't re-sign him too. Right there alone between those three contracts is a lot of money and cap space for Clavijo to play with.

But like I mentioned above, the pressure is certainly on him and him alone right now to get the roster done right for when this new coach arrives.

So have you panicked yet about this coaching search? Or are you being patient with the Hunts and Clavijo on everything right now?