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FC Dallas Plans To Fill All Three Designated Player Slots In 2014

Fernando Clavijo told the media on Tuesday that he expects to fill the open DP slot on the roster next season.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

In 2013, FC Dallas was one of a small group of teams in Major League Soccer that used all three Designated Player slots. The club used two Young DPs to help cushion the blow to the salary cap while continuing to use David Ferreira as the focal point of the club's offense.

Moving forward into 2014, things may be a little different with Ferreira gone but as FCD Technical Director Fernando Clavijo told the media yesterday in a conference call, the club still plans to use all three DP slots.

"I would say so...the scouting took a little bit of a back seat to the coaching search," explained Clavijo. "But we have identified in the position that we're looking for some players that hopefully will help us. Hopefully as soon as we get a coach in place, we can go ahead and make a selection on a final player."

Hearing that FCD plans to utilize the three DP slots again should be a welcome thing to most fans of the club. But what position are they targeting is the big question? Another forward to go with Blas Perez now that Kenny Cooper is off the books? Or a midfielder to help lock things down?

Clavijo wasn't shy about what he wants to do with this open slot, stating that many of the coaches that they club interviewed also singled out one position that needs to be fixed.

"I think you're going to see hopefully a box-to-box kind of player," said Clavijo. "Many of the candidates have identified an issue that we knew already, which is the defensive midfield. I think that is pretty much the position on the field we're trying to cover with Moffat. We did a great job to get a player that he has already been in the finals twice to Houston and he brings a completely different look than what we had before. That's a position that we still need a little bit more cover."

The club is still working on re-signing Peter Luccin to a new deal, which could provide some cover. I wouldn't expect a major name to come in as a DP in 2014 for the club but if Clavijo can land another Mauro Diaz-type signing, then it will be fine with me and likely most of you.

What type of DP are you expecting the club to get? In the coming weeks we'll try to dig up a few names that could fit these comments from Clavijo.