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FC Dallas Still Working on Contracts with Zach Loyd and Peter Luccin

Both players are currently negotiating new deals with the club.

Cooper Neill

After going through a slew of roster moves over the last few weeks, FC Dallas technical director still has two player contracts that are still pending. Midfielder Peter Luccin and defender Zach Loyd are both still a wait and see type thing for returning to the club in 2014.

When asked during the media call about Luccin, Clavijo said that the club really wants him back but has to be mindful of their past mistakes from not signing more defensive midfield help to cover.

"No question about it, it is [with regards to re-signing Luccin]," said Clavijo. "Peter, we all know that he played two games for us at the end of the year and did extremely well."

Clavijo also said that the club has had to learn from their past mistakes as well with regards to Luccin. Stating that they know now that they need to make sure there is proper cover in that position in the event that the 33-year old goes down with another injury.

The case of Loyd is a little different as his deal expired at the end of the season, where as Luccin's was an option renewal. Clavijo stated that he felt the club is further along in re-signing the four year starter than they were back at the beginning of the season.

"Like I said before, Zach was an important part of this team for the last four years," said Clavijo. "We tried to re-sign him at the beginning of the year, it was a case where they were not interested in on their part. I think right now we are able to come to terms and hopefully we can come to terms real soon."

It is interesting to hear that Loyd and his representatives actually turned down a contract extension earlier this year. This likely is why Clavijo instituted a policy not to renew player contracts during the season. Maybe as a way not to get burned by a player or his agent. Or who knows. In a way it was a smart move for him to do so as Loyd's play seemed to dip in 2013. Hopefully if the two do agree to a new deal, it will be for a reduced rate.