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FC Dallas Will Not Field A USL-Pro Team In 2014

Well crap...

Time to pump the breaks on the FC Dallas and USL-Pro talk.

During a media call today, FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo stated that the club has no true intentions of fielding a reserve team in the US third division.

"We were one of the clubs that was deciding," said Clavijo. "And well, at the time we did not know what was going to happen but we were not prepared to take on a USL-Pro [team] to play in 2014."

This throws cold water on a previous report that stated FC Dallas would be one of two MLS clubs to field a full reserve team in the USL-Pro in 2014. The LA Galaxy were the other reported club. Instead, now fans will have to wait one more year as the club looks to target 2015.

"We decided that we are going to wait, review things, and hope for 2015 to make things happen," said Clavijo. "The decision was proper, and the right decision to make at the time because we have to find a coach and try to get the right selection of players. I think in the near future you are going to see a USL-Pro team here in Dallas."

While this is disappointing news for fans, I do agree that getting this done correctly from the start is the right way to go about it. I would not have liked to have seen FCD rush into fielding a team for 2014 (even if the resources are there). They now have a full year to get things set up and in place for 2015.

It also means that we will continue to see FC Dallas loan out some select players in 2014.