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Names to Consider in the 2013 Re-Entry Draft Stage Two

After Thursday's wild Stage One, there aren't as many big names left on the table for FC Dallas to go after.


Well, we didn't see yesterday coming the way that we all thought we would. Stage 1 of the 2013 MLS Re-Entry Draft had the more picks that anyone would have imagined, with five players going in it. Just a reminder, the past three Re-Entry Drafts have only seen six players go in Stage one combined. Needless to say, yesterday was wild.

But with names like Sean Franklin, Bobby Convey and Steve Zakuani off the table for selection, along with a number of other names that were pulled on Wednesday like Kevin Alston, Mauro Rosales, and Bobby Convey, the list of names available has dwindled down quite a bit.

I think it is very possible now that FC Dallas passes next week but it is worth noting some of the leftovers that are still out there for the taking. All would be depth pieces in my mind if selected.

So who could FC Dallas take in Stage 2 on Wednesday? Here are a couple names worth considering.

Chris Rolfe (total compensation in 2013 - $248,333)

I've always been a big fan of Rolfe. The guy works hard and can play multiple roles depending on the system that he is in. I think in Dallas he could be used out wide a bit or as another piece up front with Blas Perez. He also has that veteran experience that is slightly lacking at the moment in the locker room. 2013 was a down year for him professionally but I could see a change of scenery as something that would help spark his career again. Age might be a factor for some though, as he is starting to be on the wrong side of 30. His price will come down if he is selected in Stage 2, which would be very nice.

Ryan Guy (total compensation in 2013 - $48,510)

Some fans have always wanted to see what would do in Dallas after the club drafted him back in 2007. Guy would be a cheap option to have up top, but not one that you would rely on for every game. In a small way, he would be a younger, cheaper version of Scott Sealy if you really want to get down to it. When he has the right pieces around him though, he does do well in front of the net.

Clyde Simms (total compensation in 2013 - $90,833)

Another guy that has had some injury issues in the past that could keep him from being selected. He is on the wrong side of 30 as well but he would fit that defensive midfielder need that the club is after. When he is healthy, he is the type of player that can be a workhorse in the midfield. At a reduced price, he may be a solid option to consider.