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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: The Always Debatable Je-Vaughn Watson

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Watson ended the season with two goals and two assists.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Time for another name on the year-end roster evaluations for FC Dallas. We're going with the Roman theme of thumbs up or thumbs down for this series.

Today's subject, is the always controversial Je-Vaughn Watson.

Watson was brought over right at the beginning of the season in a trade with the Houston Dynamo. Many fans weren't huge on the Jamaican at first when he came into the camp but over time he slowly won people over once Schellas Hyndman found a right fit for him on the field.

Watson started out the season playing in the middle of the park, sometimes along side Andrew Jacobson, other times with Michel. As the season progressed, he was moved to the wings, where he found his fit a little more with the club.

He would go on to appear in 24 games this season, starting 15 of them. He also ended the season with two goals and two assists.

Watson was always a sore subject for fans early on. As most Houston fans would attest to, you could always assume the same type of play out of him on any given day. He would likely turn the ball over a few times, play a silly pass or two but also find himself in a dangerous spot on offense to help contribute to the club.

When he was at his best this season, he was arguably more useful than someone like Jackson. But truthfully, I don't think we got the best out of him.

Watson's contract shows he has two options years left, opposed to everyone else's one year. I'm not entirely sure if that means the club has to pick those two years up right now or if it will be a year-by-year thing. His base salary is right at $100k, decent but not great in the long term nature of things. But as a depth piece that he most certainly is, I'm actually okay with that price with the positives that he does bring to the table.

But we give the option to you, thumbs up to keep him, or thumbs down to let him go?