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Five Names To Consider at Number 5

Time to highlight a few more names for January's SuperDraft

Leo Stolz
Leo Stolz
(Photo by UCLA Athletics/Jeff Sipsey)

This will be a weekly thing (I hope) for the next few weeks leading up to the 2014 MLS Combine and 2014 MLS SuperDraft. While I do still think it is a bit early to figure out exactly who FC Dallas should be targeting in this draft, having the number 5 spot means the quality of talent should be good enough for Dallas in the first round.

Last month we gave you these six names, and today we come at you with five more.

A lot can and will still happen between now and January for these players. Some won't sign with the league, some may not even be invited to the MLS Combine. The Generation adidas targets could stay in school for another year as well.

Again, we'll discuss Homegrown potential for the few FC Dallas academy alumni out there at a later date.

Potential Generation adidas Targets

Leo Stolz, Jr., Midfield, UCLA - Central midfield will be an area that Dallas will have to concentrate this offseason at improving. Stolz is a can-miss type of talent in the middle of the park. Stolz lead the Bruins this year with nine goals and eight assists. He makes others around him better too, which is something coaches love to see.

A.J. Cochran, Jr., Defense, Wisconsin - I know what you are thinking, another big central defender? Really? Yeah I get it, but I also know Dan Hunt and Fernando Clavijo want to continue to improve the defense so we can't rule anything out. Cochran big at 6-foot-3 and is left footed.

Solid Seniors

Reinaldo Brenes, Sn., Forward, Akron - His production dipped in 2013 but six goals isn't anything to ignore in college soccer these days either. He has a good work rate and does well between the lines. I would imagine he could move to the wings at the next level too.

Fifi Baiden, Sn., Midfield, UCSB - He doesn't have any flashy stats to boast but the Ghanian midfielder is a bit of a work horse in the center of the park. He would be a good box-to-box kind of guy in the midfield to have.

Victor Munoz, Sn., Midfield, UCLA - The Real Madrid product was tied for the most assists on the Bruins' roster with Stolz. He's not a big player but he has the technical ability to get the job done and keep the attack flowing.