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Breaking Down The 2014 FC Dallas Schedule

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A look at how things could go in 2014.


As you might have seen, the 2014 FC Dallas schedule was released today. FCD will open up the 2014 season with a visit from the Montreal Impact on March 8 and will wrap up the season at home on October 25 against the Portland Timbers.

Plenty of notes to go over after looking at it a little closer though.

TV Schedule

Five national broadcasts with four of those being in English. Two of them on ESPN2, two on NBCSN and 1 on UniMas. This could change potentially down the road but at first glance that is a crappy lower number of national broadcasts for next year. In 2013, FC Dallas had nine total national broadcasts with seven of those being on English channels, including one big one on NBC.

No official word yet from the club on the local TV schedule but most would hope that it will be something better than the Time Warner deal that we saw in 2013.

Home loaded early

Once again FC Dallas will play a lot of home games early on in the season. Between First Kick and the beginning on May, FCD will be home for six out of nine games. In other words, they have to earn a ton of points early to have a decent shot at things late.

On the flip side, between May 7 and the end of June, the club will be on the road for six out of nine games. Fun. Even is even I suppose.

Ending against conference foes

FCD will end the season going head-to-head against their Western Conference foes in the final two months of the season. September and October will likely decide whether or not FCD sees the post season or not in 2014 with eight games in the final two months of the season.

Really you could take that back to the end of July as FC Dallas will play six games between July 27 and Aug 30, with four of those coming on the road, three against conference rivals.

Weekends own the schedule

Of the 34 games, only six games fall outside of the weekend. Dallas will play four games on Wednesday night this year, including one at home against Seattle. They'll also play two home games on a Friday night, one being the July 4th game against Philadelphia and the other is a late season battle against RSL.

Potential dates for Friendlies

While I'm not a huge fan of them during the regular season, one might expect FC Dallas to schedule another friendly for the summer. Looking at the calendar the best bet for a weekend friendly time would be July 12, which comes between the July 4 home game and the July 19 home game against New England.

See anything that we missed? Add it to the comments section below.

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