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David Ferreira's Option Has Been Declined

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The Colombian is reportedly out at FC Dallas.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

After a very disappointing second half to his 2013 season, former MLS MVP David Ferreira's option has been declined by FC Dallas, Ives Galarcep is reporting.

Galarcep let out the following tidbit on his twitter account:

If what he's saying is true (and there isn't much reason to doubt it), then it could the final nail in the coffin housing Ferreira's FC Dallas career. It shouldn't come as a surprise either considering his large salary, which is listed by the MLSPU at a hefty $630,000.

Ferreira's performance this season could only be described as a massive disappointment. Riding early season optimism stemming from being given the Captain's armband combined with the early success Dallas had, things were looking up for the Colombian playmaker.

But an injury derailed his season and he never quite regained the same verve he had late last year when returning from his injury. Ferreira spent a great of his time on the pitch walking half-heartedly, falling down easily instead of fighting for the ball (as he used to do), and at times even looked visibly uninterested. His season went from mediocre to poor, and his last home appearance saw him get into a physical fight with Jackson. It wasn't the best way to make a case for continued employment.

While that may have been the grain of rice that tipped the scale, the scale was likely going to tip anyway. With Dan Hunt's vocal interest in winning and progressing as a team, it's had to justify Ferreira's salary relative to his on-field performance. The lack of real leadership on the field did not help him either.

In the end, it's a sad and unnecessary way for Ferreira to end his FC Dallas days. A little more commitment and effort would have gone a long way in making the decision harder for the club, though it's also very likely that concerns over his health influenced the decision.

Who knows how differently things might have played out if Schellas rested David during his injury instead of playing him further?

For Ferreira, the re-entry draft awaits. It's hard to see a team picking up his salary given the last season, but there are some big spenders out there who like to take gambles. If no one takes a flier on David, it's possible that  he could return to the team on a much lower salary and in a reduced role.

While ugly things can be said about this year, he did help FC Dallas (at times singlehandedly) nab the 2010 western conference trophy and looked incredible that entire season doing so.

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