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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: The Recap

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Time to dive through and see who you voted to stay for the 2014 season.


We've finally made it through our FC Dallas roster evaluations for the off season. The last couple of weeks we have been going through the long list of players that had expiring contracts or options to decide whether or not they were worth keeping around for another season in Frisco.

The theme was a Roman one too, Thumbs Up to keep and Thumbs Down to ditch.

A few of the polls were hotly contested, while others were pretty obvious which way folks were leaning.

Three Expiring Contracts

To kick it off, we looked at the three players that have expiring contracts, defenders Zach Loyd and Ugo Ihemelu, and Homegrown midfielder Victor Ulloa.

The discussion on Ihemelu and Ulloa was pretty obvious, let them move on. The debate on Loyd however was a bit tougher to figure out. After 156 votes, only 55% voted to keep Loyd around.

Options, Options, Options

FC Dallas had a slew of players with options, 14 players to be exact. No matter what happens, how they handle this group of players will mold where this team is going in 2014.

Several debates were pretty one sided, including Stephen Keel (96% yes votes), Bobby Warshaw (91% yes votes), Michel (89% yes votes), Peter Luccin (82% yes votes), Jonathan Top (77% yes votes), and Ramon Nunez (73% yes votes).

A couple other discussions yielded a yes in the end but they weren't as one sided as others above. Those included Kenny Cooper (69% yes votes) and Jair Benitez (67% yes votes).

Two discussions ended very tightly though. Je-Vaughn Watson's talk was an even 50-50 split after 98 votes. Andrew Jacobson slightly leaned towards the yes column but only with 51%.

Two players however got on the negative side of the the vote, which wasn't a huge shock considering how they are arguably the most discussed players on this team at times. I'm talking of course about David Ferreira and Jackson. Both only earned about 20% yes votes.

[Note: I intentionally left the two keepers Chris Seitz and Kyle Zobeck off this since they were the last two added to the evaluation list. By publish time of this article Zobeck had only 20% yes, while Seitz was doing slightly better at 58%.]

Final thoughts

Last week, Hunt Sports Group vice president Dan Hunt told the media the following:

"We have made the bulk of the decisions. Obviously, if we have a coach in place, their input will be valued and we will want them to help make decisions. I think when you look at our roster, our needs and our financial commitments, it is very set with the exception of bringing in two or three players which we would hope the head coach would have an impact on and a very strong one because we want him to have his players. Just the way this roster was designed, we tried to keep in intact as best as we can."

Hearing that they've made a bulk of the decisions already on this list of 17 players and that they don't plan on blowing up the entire roster this winter kind of plays right into how you all voted in this too. Right now, based on your votes, you all have opted to re-sign 10 or 12 players (if you count Watson, Jacobson, and Seitz). That means dumping two expiring contracts and not picking up the option on another three.

To me, that makes perfect sense. I'm pretty much on board with all of your votes as well. I would maybe dump Nunez and Watson if I had to do this myself but thankfully that isn't the case. As of right now, FC Dallas hasn't publicly made any news about who they are keeping or dumping here. There is a waiver draft on Monday but that doesn't mean FCD has to make any of these re-signings public before then. My bet is they are still figuring out a couple players, and most of that comes down to who the new coach will be.

Figuring out the roster construction is never easy. We'll soon begin to look at the money side of things as well, the first post from that series will be up tomorrow when we look at the goalkeepers.