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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Last But Not Least, Chris Seitz

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The veteran keeper rounds out our roster evaluations.

Cooper Neill

We are down to the final name on the year-end roster evaluations for FC Dallas. We're going with the Roman theme of thumbs up or thumbs down for this series.

Today's subject is goalkeeper Chris Seitz.

Seitz joined FC Dallas back at the end of 2012, thanks to a trade with Seattle. He was a backup for Kevin Hartman during the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Everyone knows his wonderful story by know as he left the club late in the 2012 season to donate bone marrow, a procedure that could have done some serious damage to his playing career. Seitz was voted was 2012 MLS W.O.R.K.S. Humanitarian of the Year as well.

Thankfully, the club took the faith in him and brought him back for the 2013 season. He battled it out in preseason camp with newcomer Raul Fernandez but eventually lost out on the starting gig to the All-Star keeper. Seitz would still be able to start in eight matches in 2013, doubling his starting totals from 2012. He ended the season with two shutouts, going 4-2-2 in those eight matches.

Seitz is the kind of guy that you want in your locker room. He's down to earth and communicates well with his defense. As much as I liked Fernandez in goal, I did argue at times that the club was better off with Seitz in goal. While he did give up his fair share of goals, most weren't because of poor positioning.

His price is a tad high for a full-time backup. He brought in $90k this past year, a good bump from this 2012 numbers. I think Seitz, along with Zobeck (who we covered yesterday), come down to whether or not the club is finally ready to give the backup job to Richard Sanchez for real or not.

But we give you the option here, thumbs up, or thumbs down for Seitz?