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Time to discuss FC Dallas and a future NWSL Team

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Reports surfaced this week that the Houston Dynamo could be starting a NWSL team.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I should probably preface this discussion from the start that I think we're years away from anything like this happening. But the discussion alone is worth having. Reports this week out of Houston state that the Houston Dynamo are pushing hard to get a NWSL team.

In an interview with, Houston Dynamo president of business operations Chris Canetti said that there was a huge opportunity with the Dynamo and the NWSL.

"We believe there's some value to what this can bring to our organization so we're doing a lot of due diligence and evaluating right now.

"I think there's an excellent opportunity that lies in front of us with the potential women's team."

I think that last quote is big to point out. "An excellent opportunity that lies in front of us" could be similar for FC Dallas down the road with a top-flight women's team. In 2013, FC Dallas started up a U-23 ECNL team to go along with their slew of other girls teams in the academy system.

Again, I'll say, this discussion is probably a few years from being a reality or even doable for FC Dallas. But would it be worth it having a FC Dallas women's team in the NWSL? Time will only tell but given how well teams in Portland and Kansas City (edit: KC's team was not affiliated with Sporting) did this past year, I think watching Houston and how they handle a potential team in the coming years could be key for Dallas.

Would you want FC Dallas to eventually, say in five or 10 years partner up with a NWSL team? Is there even room for that down the road?

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